Twilight 2000: Session Logs

Session 1: Escape into Poland

[Nov 23rd, 2021]

The year is 2000 AD, and World War III continues between US/NATO forces and the revived Soviet Union. Three travelers regroup after the Battle of Kalisz, the final NATO strike of Operation Reset. The failed strike against Soviet forces left the US/NATO forces scattered and rudderless in the wide expanse of war-torn Poland.

Gunnery Sergeant Wilfred O’Malley is a 39 year old, Irish/Polish citizen and NATO soldier.
Specialist Oliver Gibson is a 36 yr old US Navy mechanic.
Private First Class, Sloan is a US Marine soldier.
Major Gray is a CIA Specialist and US Air Force Major, leading the trio back towards rumors of a US/NATO regroup in Poznan.

The foursome travel through the wilderness and find Soviet soldiers doing reconnaissance on a medieval castle on the other side of the river in Pleszew. The group strikes at the Soviets and Gibson takes a serious injury to his leg and private Sloan is killed. One soviet soldier gets away.


Session 2: The Castle of Pleszew

[Nov 26th, 2021]

The trio enters the castle and finds that it is controlled and protected by the former Pleszew police force. The old museum is restored as a fortress to guard the town. They have crops and a barricade of old vehicles on the west and southern sides.
People Met:
Zenon Cichowski – Police Captain who runs the castle.
     Ludomir – Still operator and philosopher.
     Marianna – Zenon’s assistant.
     Dr. Anastazja Zelenska – Medical leader for hospital
     Stanley Allen – American cook, former student at Lodz University.
     Patryk  Rusok – Polish intelligence agent and radio operator.
     Oskar Danielski – Polish cop who didn’t trust them at first.

The group decides to wait at the Castle until Gibson’s injuries recover and he can walk again. However, after a couple days, Soviet forces attack the Castle.


Session 3: The Battle of Pleszew Castle

[Nov 30th and Dec 7th, 2021]

A great battle takes place as numerous Soviet soldiers attack with a BTR-70 and two UAZ jeeps. At least 25 Soviet soldiers attack against the meager Polish defense forces. The group helps out, with Gray taking a sniper position with Polish Sergeant Grzelak. O’Malley holds the gate with a hungarian named Varga Joniz and another US soldier.

The Soviets press their attack and hold the bridge. They then manage to blast open the gate across the bridge, and the BTR enters, but Major Gray throws a grenade inside and it kills those inside. A final battle takes place at the gate and O’Malley and Gray are injured, but the Polish citizens are victorious.

Major Gray dies of his wounds shortly after. O’Malley and Gibson slowly recover.


Session 4: Travel to Poznan

[Dec 17th, 2021]

After over a week of recovery, O’Malley and Gibson decide to continue towards Poznan to honor the late Major Gray. They agree to take a German doctor with them, Dr. Niklas Himmler, who eagerly wants to find his wife and family in Germany.

The trio leaves the Castle of Pleszew and head towards Poznan. First they head to Jarocin along the road, where they trade with the local citizens there. Dr. Himmler trades medical supplies for ammunition. The group then heads towards Gostyn. Along the way, they find marauders attacking a Soviet jeep and decide to hang back and avoid conflict.

The group decides to move off the road and head into the wild farmlands. One night, they are ambushed by a hungry bear. O’Malley manages to defeat it with naught by a knife and they feast on its meat.

The next day, the group finds a burning farm, but no one nearby. Farmers then approach and attack the group, believing them to be marauders. They are able to talk their way out of the situation after O’Malley is grazed by a shotgun blast. The group learns about more marauders in the area.

The group then reaches Gostyn, but find the village in ruins and destroyed. They find a trio of famished farmers and decide to share their food with them. They are also able to gather lots of water from an old well.

The group then heads north towards Srem, wanting to follow the river to Poznan.


Session 5: Poznan Overtaken

[Dec 27th, 2021]

The next day, the trio gets lost and makes little progress towards Srem. The next morning, however, they reach the village, finding it to be in pristine shape, however it is controlled by a marauder band. The trio is attacked by the marauders and their hungry dogs. O’Malley kills some of the dogs and escapes on an island on river. Thanks to the thick fogs, the trio is able to flee and cross the river away from the hunting marauders.

The trio makes camp and dries out their clothes with a fire. However, that evening rain pours down and the group is attacked by a pack of wolves. They manage to kill the wolves, but O’Malley sustains an injury to his wrist, making wielding his LMG impossible.

The next morning, the group stays put and cooks the wolf meat. Dr. Himmler treats O’Malley’s injury trying to speed his recovery. They then move onward along the river, heading closer to Poznan. That evening they reach the town, however, they see Soviet flags flying across the bridge, suggesting the town is controlled by enemy forces.

The trio heads north, into the nearby woods and camp late, sleeping into the late morning. Dr. Himmler treats O’Malley’s wrist again while Gibson makes another blanket from the wolf hides. The group then heads deeper into the forest before making camp again.

The next day (Sat, May 13th, 2000), the group takes it easy and reassess their goals. Dr. Himmler still wants to find a route to Germany, perhaps north through Oborniki. O’Malley and Gibson are unsure if US/NATO forces are really reuniting or if any chance of retaliation or finding a way home truly exists. Dr. Himmler treats O’Malley’s wrist while Gibson forages for wild food.

That evening, the group is attacked. A recon Soviet sniper locks the trio’s camp and sends word to a nearby Howitzer. The massive cannon shoots towards the camp, but misses, striking the nearby river. The trio realizes the danger, grabbing their supplies quickly and escaping into the woods to the north. Thankfully, it does not seem they were followed.

It is a cloudy night and the trio is lost in the woods east of Poznan.


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