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This is a collection of the magical items and artifacts the heroes have found on their journey.

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+1 Striking Large Warhammer (Shove, Two-handed d12). Agrimmosh, also known as the Hammer of Unmaking, appears to be a simple stone blacksmith’s hammer of giant-size engraved with Gigas’s holy symbol.

The stone giants of the mountains believe that the giant god Gigas used his hammer Agrimmosh to forge the first giant. This creation was imperfect, however, so he crafted another and granted it life, creating the first stone giant. Pleased with what he had now wrought, Gigas pulverized his first creation with a final blow of the Hammer of Unmaking, and its pieces became all of the other races of giants that came to populate the world.

GIANT SIZE ([A] Command): Once per day, the wielder can use a 2nd level Enlarge spell on them self.

DESTRUCTION: If Agrimmosh is heated in Gigas’s Forge at the Cathedral of Gigas for 10 years and then quenched in the blood of a slain rune giant, it loses all of its magical abilities and is destroyed, shattering into a thousand pieces.

Found: On Usgroth’s skeleton in the caverns beneath Bolvirk.

Alchemist’s Goggles

These brass goggles are engraved with flame patterns and have thick, heavy lenses. While worn, they give you a +1 item bonus to Crafting checks to Craft alchemical items and a +1 item bonus to attack rolls with alchemical bombs. You can also ignore lesser cover when making Strikes with alchemical bombs.

Found: From orc bombadiers at the catapult during the Battle of Bolvirk.

Animal Staff

This staff is topped with carved animal and monster heads. While wielding the staff, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to Nature checks to identify animals. Cantrip know direction 1st magic fang, summon animal

Found: In Usgroth’s crypt beneath Bolvirk.

Book of Ten M’s (Kiltro’s Spellbook)

Kiltro’s spellbook, who’s full name is Marydm’s Mysterious Manifestations of Mortal Magical Memories: a Manuscript of Momentous Mystical Mastery, is little used. The sorcerer mostly relied on his natural talents rather than study. However, after the battle of Bolvirk, the young scholar had begun taking his arcana lessons with Duke more seriously.

Boots of Elvenkind

These tall, pointed boots are made from soft, supple green leather and are decorated with trim and buckles of gold. When worn, the boots allow you to move more nimbly, granting you a +1 item bonus to Acrobatics checks.

Nimble Moves: Activate [F] envision; Frequency once per hour; Effect Until the end of your turn, you ignore difficult terrain when moving on the ground.

Found: In a hidden cache in Deadlight Marsh.

Brinya’s Love

+1 Dagger. The fire-blackened blade of this hopeknife bears the inscription “my love” in stark silver and glows with light equivalent to a 1st level light spell when drawn. Calling Rodrik’s name can turn this power on or off.

Found: Was originally lost in the Plague House and returned to Brinya after Rodrik’s death. But Brinya then gifted it to Nyyrikki for saving her from an angry mob during the Battle of Bolvirk.

Comeback Cutter

+1 Returning Throwing Knife. This light knife is optimally balanced to be thrown accurately at a greater distance than a common dagger. While this comes at the cost of a significant cutting edge, the difference is worth it for characters focused on thrown weapons.

Found: This knife was purchased in Bolvirk, after the battle. This knife was then modified by Esderal and enchanted by Duke using the runes from Skullspike.

Coyote Cloak

This dusty coat is made of mangy brown-and-gray coyote fur. You gain a +1 item bonus to Survival checks. If you critically succeed at your Survival check to Subsist, you can feed twice as many additional creatures.

Found: In Usgroth’s crypt beneath Bolvirk.

Diadem of Memories

This silver diadem features the image of a tome in the center of a swirling circle that fits upon the brow. This item was made to assist druidic loremasters in recalling the vast stores of knowledge they have absorbed over the years.

It grants you a +1 item bonus to Society checks and allows the user to use the Memory Recall ability once per day.

Memory Recall: [F] envision , once per day, Trigger: Attempt a Recall Knowledge check on a creature. Effect: The user gains a +3 bonus to the attempt to Recall Knowledge on the target creature and gains one additional piece of information (GM’s discretion).

Found: Given by Calrianne Blix after saving her from orcs at Castle Ferrine’s waystation.

Dueling Sword of Enaia

+1 Rapier. The rapier is a long and thin piercing blade with a basket hilt. It is prized among many as a dueling weapon. This rapier is clearly of elven make with silver filigree and curved designs. It is marked with an Elven rune for the letter ‘E’.

History: This rapier was crafted for the famed Eshmar duelist, Fenadeo Eneaia, who challenged gentlemen and nobles to duels throughout Eshlien during the years 340-368 G.R. The duels became a public spectacle. Eneaia went undefeated throughout his life until he was finally killed in a duel to the death to the despised nobleman duelist, Raluo Engerada.

Found: Carried by the assassins from Westgate that tried to murder the heroes in their sleep in Bolvirk during the investigation of Rodrik’s death.

Enticing Attributes of Esoteric Arcana (Duke’s Spellbook)

While this was originally Faldukrin’s limited travelling spellbook, he has been forced to scribe remembered and newly discovered spells within. It has been a slowly growing collection.

Ghostlight Lantern

This brass bullseye lantern is embossed with dancing orbs flitting amid a leaf-and-holly motif. A ghostlight lantern functions as a normal bullseye lantern. However, when the remains of a dead will-o’-wisp are placed inside it, the lantern gains additional abilities. The dead will-o’-wisp powers the lantern for a period of 1 week, during which time the lantern sheds a bluish-white light without the need for oil as fuel.

Creatures within the 60-foot cone of the lantern’s light are outlined with a pale, bluish glow, as a 2nd level faerie fire spell. Additionally, orcs within the cone take a -1 status penalty to attack rolls, for as long as they remain within the light. Lastly, while within the bounds of Deadlight Marsh, the ghostlight lantern unerringly emits a beacon that illuminates a direct path to the circle of standing stones that form the entrance to the Vault of Thorns. After 1 week, the power of the deceased aberration is exhausted, and the ghostlight lantern loses its additional abilities, once again functioning only as a normal bullseye lantern until another dead will-o’-wisp is placed inside.

Found: Given to Agandar by Silvermane after the Battle of Bolvirk, once Agandar spoke to Thaunestando and learned his destiny.

Hat of the Magi

This pointy hat with a brim bears numerous arcane symbols. It grants you a +1 item bonus to Arcana checks and allows you to cast the prestidigitation cantrip as an arcane innate spell.

Found: Taken from an orc sorcerer during the Battle of Bolvirk.


+1 Greatsword. This sword has religious insignias of the Noradrie god of justice and honor, Forsoti the Blind Warrior. It is very well crafted in the Noradrie tradition. Who this magnificent sword was made for remains a mystery, but the name “Honorbound” is etched into the side of the sword’s crossbar.

Found: In the basement of the Plague House. Nyyrikki wielded it for some time, but eventually sold it to the Sanctuary.

Onyx Dog Figurine

This simple onyx statue transforms into a guard dog. The dog has a +4 circumstance bonus to Survival checks to Track, and it has darkvision. When the dog senses a hidden creature with its scent, that creature is instead observed and concealed. The onyx dog can be activated once per week and remains in its form for up to 6 hours.

Found: From the orc beastmaster during the Battle of Bolvirk. Agandar named the dog Oak.


This dwarven gladius is known as Nordspar (“Northspike”) and has long been the favored weapon of Brango Nargrymkin. It is a bronze gladius inlaid with dwarven runes etched in silver filigree in the crossbar.

Raptor’s Claw

+1 Striking Rapier. This rapier seems ancient and possibly of elven make. It is covered with images of birds of prey and the basket hilt resembles an falcon’s claw.

Raptor Ally (primal, auditory, concentrate, mental) : This weapon gives the wielder the ability to use Diplomacy to Make an Impression on raptors and can make very simple Requests of them.

History: This magnificent rapier is known as Raptor’s Claw and was crafted by one of the druids of the Council of Thorns as a gift to the elven diplomat, Gulleervi Thaulmo, who was visiting from Enaarvis. Gulleervi was a prominent falconeer and this weapon was made to enhance his command over these birds. Rumor has it that the gift never made it back to Enaarvis, as the elven caravan was waylaid by orcish bandits on its return journey.

Found: Given by Calrianne Blix after saving her from orcs at Castle Ferrine’s waystation.


+1 Returning Hatchet. This black-steel axe’s blade has two sharp points above and below the blade that seem adept at landing firmly into a creature’s skull. This weapon is clearly of orcish make and was likely forged in the industrial fires of Gruum. Orcish runes along its handle identifies it as Skullspike.

Found: On one of the orcs during the Battle of Bolvirk. Esderal has since removed its magic to create his Comeback Cutter.

Staff of Fire

This staff resembles a blackened and burned length of ashen wood. It smells faintly of soot and glows as if lit by embers. You can use an Interact action to touch the tip of this staff to a torch, tinder, or a flammable substance to ignite a flame. Cantrip produce flame 1st burning hands

Found: Taken from an orc sorcerer during the Battle of Bolvirk.

Staff of Water

This polished white staff bears a large octahedron blue crystal attached to the top. The crystal upon the staff feels cold to the touch at all times. While wielding the staff, you can touch its crystal to a small container of liquid to instantly chill or freeze it. Cantrip ray of frost 1st snowball, hydraulic push

Found: Given by Calrianne Blix after saving her from orcs at Castle Ferrine’s waystation.

Usgroth’s Armor

This battered well-used suit of breastplate armor once belonged to the mighty hill giant leader, Usgroth. It automatically resizes itself to fit its wearer. Additionally, the wearer can summon the strength of the giant’s once per day.

Summon Giant Strength: ([A] Command): The wearer immediately gains a +1 status bonus to melee damage rolls for 1 minute as they are imbued with great strength.

Found: On Usgroth’s skeleton in the caverns beneath Bolvirk.

Valiant Axe

+1 Striking Battleaxe. This axe is of Noradrie make. The sides of the axe are decorated with a bright silvery filigree and the haft is covered in a polished black leather. The blade has Noradric runes etched on the side with blessings of Hethroth for glory and honor in battle.

Found: On one of the orcs leading the cave giant at the Hopespring during the Battle of Bolvirk.

Wayfinder of Dagda

This compact compass bears religous iconography of the Noradrie goddess Dagda, she is depicted upon its cover charging upon a stallion with a spear and shield. It can also glow with a 1st level light spell upon command.

Found: Within the shrine to Dagda at the old Plague House.

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