Humans of Enelis

Below are the root human tribes of Enelis. These refer to the biological characteristics of the original tribes and cultural roots. They have little to do with modern cultures which later evolved in specific nations, regions, and places of interest with combinations of various tribes and peoples.


Based on Western Europe (English/French/Gaelic)
Fair to tanned skin tones.
Straight hair of various brown hues.
Light-brown, gray, or green eyes.
Very average heights and builds.

The Amarie are one of the most common forms of humanity. They originated in the Amarie kingdom (where Astonia, Angmar, and Verland are today). These people greeted the Nomen refugees at the start of the Nomen Renaissance. Today, this ethnicity (combined with remnants of the Nomendrie) dominates the upper classes of nearly all societies of the eastern coasts. Astonia is the center of the Amarie bloodline.


Based on Nordic/Northern Europe
Fair to pale skin tones.
Blonde, light-brown, or red wavy hair.
Tall with typically more muscular builds.

The Noradrie literally means “humans of the north” in the old dragon tongue. These people have ever dwelt in the Aelgard and Krungar regions of the world. They have survived dominance by the Jotun and the guidance of the dwarves. They have also been at war with the orcs since the the first Orc Horde nearly 4 millennia ago. Aelgard and Krungar remains the center of the Noradrie bloodline.

Toldrie / Toldan

Eastern Europe (Russian)
Fair to tanned skin tones.
Brown eyes with typically dark straight hair.
Average heights and builds.

The Toldrie are a people that were constantly displaced throughout history. The Nomen empire pushed these people to the borders of their lands before slowly incorporating some of them. They tend to be fiercely independent and have spread little compared to other human tribes. The rise of Kalrua as a world power and the cult of Bael has unfortunately brought a dark light upon the Toldrie people. The lands of Kalrua, Loyolla, and some of Verland is the heart of the Toldrie.


Based on Southern Europe (Italian/Spanish)
Tanned to bronze skin tones.
Brown eyes with dark or black straight hair.
Average heights and builds.

The Seldrie people were quickly incorporated by the Nomen Empire along the southern shores of Ularin. These people have long dwelt along the rocky southern coasts and explored much of the Inner Sea before the Nomen Empire expanded to those regions. The heart of the Seldrie is the lands of Migara.

Selicean (Xayadrie and Seldrie)

Based on combination of Ancient Mayan and West Africa cultures, appearance of Caribbean peoples.
Black to dark brown to bronze-toned skin tones.
Black coily/curly hair to sometimes more wavy and straight.
Tall to average heights and thinner to average builds.

The Selicean people are a more recent (~2500 years ago) combination of the Xayadrie and Seldrie peoples and cultures. After the fall of the Xaya Empire, the Seldrie expanded out into the Inner Sea islands and intermarried with the existing Xayadrie tribes (through both peaceful contact and conquering), creating the Selicean peoples. While not technically a root tribe of humanity, over the past two millennia the Selicean people have developed a unique culture and language that has stretched throughout the Inner Sea region. The Inner Sea islands and Tabanya is the heart of the Selicean people.

Xayadrie / Xayan

Based on Ancient Mayan culture and West Africa appearances
Black to dark brown skin tones.
Black coily/curly hair.
Tall heights and thinner builds.

The Xayadrie people once dominated the Inner Sea islands and the southern peninsula. However, the grand Xaya Empire collapsed and their people fell into hunter-gatherer societies. Most of the Inner Sea was then dominated by Seldrie traders and conquerors who interbred with the Xayadrie to form the modern Selicean human group. Today, only the lands of Axaca in Xelhasa remains uniquely the heart of Xayadrie culture.

Arathdrie / Arathian

Based on Ancient Egyptian
Deep bronze, copper, to ochre skin tones.
Straight or curly dark brown or black hair.
Smaller heights and builds.

The Arathdrie are rumored to have come from some other world many millennia ago, led by their God-King Thorus. Since that time, they have never mingled well with other cultures and peoples, thus Arathkelsara has always remained the heart of the Arathdrie people.


Based on Middle Eastern / West-Asian [ancient Mongol]
Tanned to bronze skin tones.
Black and brown hair, mostly flat hair. Curly beards.
Average heights and builds.

The Avandrie are found primarily in the lands beyond the western mountains of Arathkelsara. Some of their nomadic tribes can be found in the southern reaches of the Freewind Savannah. Little is known about these people. The roaming Kyrgis Khanate remains the heart of the Avandrie people.


No real world equivalent
Very dark, almost black skin.
Pale-blue to silvery eyes. White to platinum wavy hair.
Typically very tall with average build.
Not technically a human tribe.

The Nomendrie were the people that came across the Erean ocean from Alarus (~2600 years ago). These refugees dwelt in the lands between modern Angmar and Astonia and eventually interbred with the Amarie’s ruling class. These days no one can claim to have pure Nomendrie heritage as their bloodline has dwindled.


Based on Air Genasi / Winged elves (sort of)
Whitish-blue skin, pupil-less white eyes, wings.
Golden to platinum hair.
Small, very lithe builds.
Not technically a human tribe.

Little is known about the Averie other than rumors and folklore of a people’s with wings on their backs. The Averie are rumored to live in a grand spiraled city of many towers high in the mountains known as Oslo.

Other Tribes

Firemyst Jungles: Selicean Tribes
– Ijo (friendly coastal tribe)
– Zali (war-like jungle tribe)
– Zenja (neutral jungle tribe)
– Abazi (tribe of the sacred serpent)
– Ghedi (neutral swamp tribe)

Tabanya Jungles: Selicean Tribes
– Ubja
– Zeeli
– Doani
– Maheejo

Jungle of Snakes: Selicean Tribes
– Sajaho

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