Enelis Solo Game

This session log chronicles a solo adventure in Enelis, using a great collection of solo-gaming tools, such as the Mythic GM Emulator and the Universal NPC Emulator.


Game 1: The Chronicles of Martinus

[Started: Dec 3rd, 2022]

We meet Martinus Chopin, a drifter and refugee from the village of Anderton in the middle of Verland. His family were candlemakers and had many apiaries on their village meadow. He lived a simple life, but learned the art of fencing with a rapier on his own, practicing with his friends. He also learned much of the wider world from his mentor, Guibert Toussaint, who was an interpreter of old Nomen tomes. Guibert was an academic and taught Martinus much about things outside the village.

A month ago, Anderton was attacked and razed by mercenaries sent by a Lord Pernet, in order to strike at his rival Lord Bassot, who controlled the village of Anderton. He ensured his uncle and cousin would take care of his father as he left to the city of Verdemont, the capital of Verland, hoping to find work to aid him on his long-term quest to gain vengeance against Lord Pernet. Martinus has a deep hatred for all nobles and aristocrats now.

Scene 1: As Martinus walks through the grand city streets of Verdemont for this first time in his life, he overhears the sounds of a dog in pain. In a nearby alley, he finds a lordly gentleman kicking and abusing a mangy dog. Martinus shouts at him to stop and the dog runs off. The lesser nobleman, a  Lord Luca Édouard, took offense at Martinus’s interuption and sent his two guards to beat him up. Martinus was able to knock out one of the guards quickly, which caused the nobleman and the remaining guard to draw swords. Martinus remained unarmed, trying to knock them out. He gets a painful stab wound and Luca considers him dead and leaves. Martinus barely takes out the other guard. He then staunches his wounds.

Scene 2 (Interrupted): As Martinus begins to head to a tavern, hoping to learn more about this Luca Edouard, he sees a congregation of soldiers on horses following by a nobleman dressed in finery. Martinus realizes it is Lord Michael Pernet. The lord has entered Verdemont to meet with another mercenary captain to expand his shadow army. Martinus just watches in a tense anger as the nobleman passes him by. Martinus decides to follow the lord’s retinue through the city.

Scene 3: Martinus follows the lord’s retinue through the crowds of Verdemont, finding them enter a private club on the rich side of town, simply called “the Manor”. It is a large fanciful building, but there doesn’t appear to be any armed guards outside. He doesn’t find a back entrance and realizes given the state of his clothes (blood and all) that he wouldn’t be able to bluff his way in. He finds a trellis that heads up to one of the windows. He climbs up and peers in the window, where he finds a servant’s preparation room with a few procrastinating workers preparing drinks. Eventually, the servants leave the room and Martinus climbs in. He conveniently finds servant’s attire and wears them over his clothes to blend in.

Scene 4: Martinus grabs a tray of drinks and heads through the doors. He finds himself in a corridor with many doors to private party rooms for vising nobles. A servant passing Martinus notices his rapier and flees down the corridor yelling out for help. Martinus panics and flees back out the window and climbs down to the ground. Thankfully, no guards or additional servants saw him. Martinus realizes he may need allies if he wants to assault Lord Pernet.

Scene 5: Martinus heads to the seedy side of Verdemont, hoping to find a mercenary or ally who may have issue with Lord Pernet, or at least be willing to harm a nobleman. He heads down a dark alleyway and finds a seedy-looking tavern called the Archer’s Goblet. He buys a beer at the bar and asks the bartender if there are any mercenaries here that may be interested in taking an “improper” job. Before the bartender can answer, a woman tells the bartender that the beer is on her. She is dressed quite proper with green eyes and short brown hair, she wears a golden harp pendant on her neck. She introduces herself as Argentina De La Croix, servant of Odarin (the Knowledeable Bard). They go for a chat in the corner of the bar. She explains that she is part of an organization that is trying to reduce the power of the nobles in Verland. She was spying on the Manor and saw Martinus. Martinus is eager to join them, hoping it will lead to revenge on Lord Pernet. However, Argentina tells him that he must prove his trustworthiness first and undertake a mission for them. She asks him to meet her back at the Archer’s Goblet tomorrow night. Martinus finds a room at the Fool and Mace Inn and rest for the night.

Scene 6: Martinus heads out in town to look for work. As he explores the city, he finds wanted posters looking for members of the “Whistle League” resistance movement for treason. Marinus wonders and worries if Argentina’s group is the same, it may be more dangerous than he thought. Martinus asked around town, but could not find any honest work with local candleworkers, the trade that he knew.

Scene 7: Martinus returns to the Archer’s Goblet to ask around if anyone has work available, he was growing desperate as his coin purse dwindled. He eventually meets up with a tired caterer who was preapring a party for a local lord. He was looking for extra men to work as laborers, waiters, and attendees. Martinus convinces him that he’d make a great waiter, using his charm. It seems to work and Martinus is hired.

Scene 8: The next evening, Martinus attends the party at the mansion, leaving his armor and weapons in his room, to avoid trouble. He finds his employer and puts on a white frock and begins helping at the party. He meets a fellow employee, a journeyman potter named Franc Bethune. Franc is a couple years younger, but the two easily bond over their craft trades and appreciation of hard work. They also crack a few jokes at the expense of the nobles they are working for. Martinus’s jaw then drops as he sees that Lord Pernet is being honored at the party. Martinus is barely able to control himself a he clenches his fist white. Franc tells him to take a break and Martinus steps out for some fresh air. When Martinus returns to work, he asks around and learns that Lord Pernet will be in Verdemont for over two weeks. He is quite happy at this news, it gives him plenty of opportunity for revenge.

Scene 9: Martinus and Franc go out for a beer after cleaning up the party. They get paid a couple silver coins and decide to celebrate with a drink. After a drink, Martinus seeks out Argentina at the Archer’s Goblet. Argentina is strictly business and explains a mission for him to prove his loyalty to the Whistle League. He must destroy a weapons cache hidden in a warehouse on the river-docks of the city. To avoid any risk for the League, he must do this alone, however he chooses to do it. Afterwards, he is to return to the Archer’s Goblet.

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