Worlds Beyond Enelis


The Solar System

The solar system surrounding Enelis is more mysterious to its inhabitants. The sun is called Solarus after the sun goddess herself. The moon is called Pelaria after the corresponding deity. There are also what might be other planets seen in the night sky, four of which are the most prominent and can easily be seen with the naked eye. The four each glow brightly, much like Jupiter does on Earth. Each of these four celestial bodies are named after the elemental queens of the creation myth. A red one is called Favra, a blue one is called Myra, a bright white one is called Athes, and distant gray one is called Broga.  If these celestial bodies are indeed planets, they seem to orbit around the sun at varying distances, with Athes moving the fastest across the sky, Favra second, then Myra, then slow-moving Broga. 

A watcher of the night sky on Enelis might also notice shadows drifting in the foreground, backlit by the light of Pelaria. These are said to be the crystalline shards of Nembral, scattered through the void among the stars. There is also a commonly-sighted comet named after the deity Farlen Windrider, which can be spotted in the southern night sky in mid-Firesky.

The Multiverse and The Planes

Beyond the boundaries of Enelis and the material plane in which it resides is the infinite expanse of the multiverse. Little is known about the world outside of the material plane, as the protections of Enis and Pelaria are said to limit mortals from easily travelling through the void and cracks between the planes. However, many magical spells are able to tap into the powers of these planes, even summoning denizens of these planes into Enelis.

Transitive Planes

There are four primary transitive planes known to scholars on Enelis, each believed to be at least partially coterminous with Enelis and can thus be used for magical conjuration. The Astral plane is place of pure thought, a silvery void that connects the material world to the outer planes of belief and faith.  The Ethereal plane is a mist-filled ghostly mirage of the material world that pervades the inner reaches of the cosmos, connecting the elemental and energy planes with the material. The Shadow plane is a dark and distorted reflection of the material world, where space and distance are bent and twisted.  The Otherworld, or Annwyn, is thought to be the very essence of Enis the Earthmother, a world of raw natural beauty filled with fey creatures and often contradictory physical properties. It is said to contain, deep within Enis’s essence, the origin of mortal souls that will eventually find their way into Enelis, born into the material world.

Inner Planes

The inner planes, or elemental and energy planes, are composed of raw energies, the building blocks of the material world. There are four realms devoted to each element: air, earth, fire, and water. They are believed to be created by the elemental queens who created Enelis. They are the source of elementals and others strange creatures.  The positive energy plane, embodied by the goddess Solarus, is a place of pure life and health, while the negative energy plane, embodied by Nembral, is the source of all death and entropy, where all things can come to an end.

Outer Planes

The outer planes, or philosophical planes, are an infinite collection of realties created simply by faith and belief. In the outer planes, to believe in something is to make it real.  The thoughts and beliefs of mortals on the material plane can directly impact the shape, form, and composition of the outer planes. Over many eons, the planes have come to organize themselves into roughly seventeen primary ideologies, creating infinite expanses composed of belief and faith. The outer planes are the domains of the gods, and where the power and servants of these gods are able to play out directly against each other. A few of these planes are commonly known to scholars of Enelis.  The Abyss is the land of the chaotic demons, Abaddon is the land of pure evil, the Nine Hells is the land of the tyrannical devils, the Seven Heavens is the realm of benevolent angels, Elysium is the land of pure good and equality, Arborea is the land of the Elven gods, Limbo is a place of pure elemental chaos, and Nirvana is a place of pure order and law. Between all these ideological planes, lies the plane of Concordance, balanced between good, evil, order, and chaos. There are additional ideological planes that reside in-between the ones listed here, along with countless smaller demi-planes and pocket dimensions scattered throughout the Astral plane like islands in the sea.

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