Wild Kingdom of Loyolla

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Wild Kingdom of Loyolla

Wilderness Kingdom of Individualistic Liberty

Banner: Yellow longbow between two yellow stag horns on a dark green flag.

Capital: Pensberg (18,560)
Notable Settlements: Boiray (19,340), Berstrand (16,240), Servel (14,820), Brindonford (12,120), Poretta (9,530), Divol (8,540), and some smaller market towns and scattered villages.
Ruler: King Dalik Pendragon
Government: Council of regional barons with a weak monarchy.
Military: Moderate (mostly defensive). Holds 87 defensive fortifications. Weak navy.
Languages: Toldan, Nomen (Common).
Religion:  Eastern Pantheon.
Primary Exports:  Prime timber, wood-crafts, leather-crafts, hides, and raw ores.

Detailed Map of Southeastern Coasts



The region of Loyolla has always been known for its wild, untamed lands. The Nomen Empire built roads through the region, but did not overly settle the region. The region had limited agricultural opportunities and was seen more as a gateway to the more profitable Seldrie lands of Migara, bypassing the long ocean voyage around the southern peninsula. After the fall of the Empire, the region became greatly depopulated and dangerous for travelers. The area around the Nomen town of Gerdulius would become the Kingdom of Gerdall, providing the only semblance of order in the wild region. The rulers of Gerdall, the Pendragon family, would go one to expand their realm. In 402 G.R., the regional baronies of Loyolla would unite under the banner of the Pendragons and become the Kingdom of Loyolla, creating a decentralized society with a weak monarchy for diplomacy and wartime.

After the arrival of Bael in Kalrua (602 G.R.), Loyolla saw an influx of refugees enter their country. Most of these refugees were non-humans fleeing persecution, but also many Toldans fled the restrictive tyranny of the Bael’s diabolical regime. The War of the Devils (625-655 G.R.), was quite harsh for Loyolla. The Kalruans waged a secretive war, trying to undermine individual settlements through bribes and manipulations, trying to take over the country piece by piece. Eventually, the war grew hot and armies of Kalruans, devils, and undead marched into northern Loyolla and sieged Brindonford, although they never succeeded in capturing the town. Much of the northern portion of the kingdom was razed and destroyed by the Kalruan armies. When the war ended, Loyolla had little time to recover.

The gnolls of Gogrin grew more aggressive, attacking settlements in the Wildren Forest region, pushing out settlers. The kingdom now struggles to maintain cohesion, as the western fringe settlements demand military action against the gnolls of Gogrin, the leaders of the country know it is a war that they may not be able to win.


Loyolla is a constitutional monarchy, where the constitution, the Declaration of Citizenry, details the rights of individual citizens and the powers of the monarchy and regional barons. There is a council of regional barons who form the Lords Council, but share power with the Commons Council (a representative body elected from each village and settlement). The monarchy only serves as the chief diplomat when dealing with other nations and as the commander-in-chief of the military in times of war. Currently, the Commons Council wishes to declare official war on the gnolls of Gogrin, but the Lords Council has been voting against such actions, fearful that it will ruin the country’s already fragile economy.


The military of Loyolla is semi-voluntary. Individuals can volunteer to serve in their regional baron’s army for decent pay and lodging. In times of war, all able-bodied men are conscripted into militia service. This can greatly stymie economic endeavors, hence the reason the Lords Council are not eager to pursue an official war at this time. In addition to the official armies and militias of the barons, there are the Rangers of Loyolla. An order of rangers, hunters, trackers, and woodsmen who have united to defend the western border from the influence of the gnolls of Gogrin. While the Rangers are not an official faction of the armed forces, they have much support from the populace, especially those on the western front.


The economy of Loyolla relies on the export of raw goods. Prime timber is of particular interest for the societies of the north, as the old-growth Wildren Forest provides the best wood for tall, sturdy ship-masts. Angmar tries to import much wood from Loyolla. Wood and leather crafts are also commonly exported, as Loyollan craftsmanship is of good quality and reliable make. Divol and Berstrand operate numerous mines and export metals and ores. The Reach near Servel is known for providing high-quality leathers and furs from the many hunters of the region.


The people of Loyolla place personal freedom and autonomy above all else. They understand the need for some organization for mutual defense and survival, but generally people prefer to be self-reliant and form organizations of decentralized authority to deal with larger problems. Much of Loyolla is still a wild frontier and the people of the region are hardy and used to working things out for themselves.

People from Loyolla tend to be very independent to the point of stubbornness. They usually speak out to address inequalities, wishing everyone to voice their opinion before coming to a decision as a group. They tend to find any type of authority and imposed order to be restrictive and overbearing. Loyollans highly value liberty and self-determination, and they cannot tolerant any type of slavery or regimented control over others. While they tend to work well with others that share their values, they find it difficult to get along with more orderly individuals.


Loyolla is an adventurer’s dream, a place of wild exploration and opportunity to prove oneself. The gnolls of Gogrin provide an ever-present threat to the people of Loyolla. The enigmatic elves of the Aulathumar Valley likewise try to maintain their way of life from the encroaching humans. The Gap near Divol is under constant threat from dangers in the valley and the threat of dragons. Loyolla offers a chance for an adventurer to make a name for themselves fighting the good fight for the people of the frontier land.

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