Independent Borderlands

Regions of Enelis

Independent Borderlands

War-torn lands of harsh survival.

Banner: Each independent settlement has its own banner.
Bolvirk: Wooden palisade wall on an ivory flag.
Jarnby: Crossed spears over a mountain on a navy flag.
Westgate: Raven silhouette on a red flag.
Notable Settlements: Westgate (Vestdyrr) (18,240), Jarnby (3,230), Bolvirk (780).
Ruler: None.
Government: Various by settlement.
Military: Medium, defensive only.
Languages: Noradrie, Dyrferd, Hashkan, Nomen (Common), Goblin.
Religion:  Noradrie pantheon, with a few others. Eastern pantheon in Westgate.
Primary Exports:  Prime timber and furs, salted fish from the North Sea.

Detailed Map of the Northlands


The borderlands between the orcs of Hashan and the Noradrie have long been a battleground between these two factions. Over the years, the border between these worlds has often moved, creating an unofficial border territory that owes no fealty to Krungar or Aelgard.  Westgate (Vestdyrr) has long been an independent city, founded by greedy merchants from Hopesdawn, to traffic goods down the Lazy River (Latr Elfr) to Hopesdawn. During the great orc horde of 452 G.R., the Noradrie people of Bolvirk decided to stay and successfully defended their home from the invasion, officially declaring themselves an independent settlement from Aelgard, who they believed abandoned them.  During that same horde, the city of Jarnby, once protected by Aelgard as well, was abandoned and people fled south.  However, after the war, many people returned to resettle the ruins without the blessing of the Jarls of Aelgard. They declared themselves an independent city. Over the years, Jarnby grew considerably as trade between Krungar and Aelgard expanded.

More recently the borderlands have remained relatively static and unusually quiet. Westgate made an agreement with the Warlords of Gruum, allowing the orcs and their agents to trade with the city in exchange for protection from any official invasion. Bolvirk and Jarnby benefit from the Alliance, a joint defense agreement between the Krungar clans, the Jarls of Aelgard, and the Dwarven Kings of Kalavar. A few orders of knights from Hopesdawn have also joined the agreement. The agreement established the Blood River (Raudr Elfr) as the official line in which the Alliance would stop all orc invasions to the east and south. They constructed numerous forts and defenses along this line of demarcation. This act has left the borderlands to be somewhat more protected over the past century. However, Alliance participation has wanned over the years as the orcs have remained quiet, and border forts maintain much smaller garrisons than they once did.


Bolvirk is led by a council of prominent citizens who mostly oversee the defense of the settlement. They elect a Chief Defender to manage the settlement’s patrols and militia.
Jarnby has a council of elected representatives that govern the town’s affairs, with a Chief Defender for the defense and patrols of the town.
Westgate, also known as the City of Liars and Thieves, is an oligarchy ruled by the Affluent Council. Which is a body of powerful merchant houses, with three rival merchant houses having the most power: House Galdyrr, House Rhountell, House Jorvarr. Money and wealth are often insulators from the law, with bribes and corruption rampant.  Most merchants who operate in Westgate hire private mercenaries for protection of their goods and people.
There are many small independent villages in these parts as well with a variety of power structures.


The settlements in this region maintain powerful militias to protect themselves from orcish invasions. The Alliance maintains a series of forts and defenses along the Blood River, where they send out patrols to scout the region. The garrisons in these forts have lessened overtime, as each Alliance member has been slowly reducing their obligation each year. This will likely continue as long as the orcs of Hashan do not seem to be an immediate threat.
Westgate mostly relies on a conscripted militia composed mostly of criminals who are pressed into service for their misdeeds. However, the agreement with the orcs of Hashan largely keeps the city safe from invasion.


While Bolvirk sees little trade, Jarnby is a hotbed of trade between Aelgard and Krungar. The trade route through the Jotunblod Vale often carries merchants and soldiers, bringing metal tools and armaments to the north in exchange for hides, pelts, and furs to bring south.
Westgate is an unfortunate gateway to the North Sea, where numerous would-be frontiersmen are flocking to the New West. Trade between the western city of Glimmerport and Hopesdawn has been flourishing, making the merchant houses of Westgate rich and powerful. Raw resources flow from the new colonies to the city of Hopesdawn, and likewise, much needed manufactured goods head out to the colonies, while Westgate profits from the exchange.  Additionally, Westgate maintains a tolerant relationship with the orcs of Hashan, allowing them to trade in the city.  All peoples are allowed in the city for trade, allowing Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Jotuns, and Goblins, a place to trade indirectly with each other.


The cultures of this region are fiercely independent, but communal. In Bolvirk and Jarnby there is a strong sense of community. Bolvirk, particularly, accepts half-orcs into their society, giving them a place to be accepted. There is a commitment to tolerance and not judging one by their past, but rather on their present actions. The borderlands are known as a place of second chances, where anyone willing to work hard and help others can become part of a new community.  They know life in these lands are harsh and difficult and that only by working together can they survive. People from these areas are very tolerant and value self-reliance. They often understand that the whole is greater than the sum, and expect others to work together towards common goals.

In contrast, Westgate is a gathering place of criminals and those not otherwise accepted in polite society. While most of Noradrie culture is centered on personal honor, Westgate is a place for those without such honor. Here people are ruthless and shady, always trying to gain an upper hand. People from Westgate are likely to be ill-trusting of others, expecting everyone to have a hidden agenda. Friendships are often considered convenient and temporary, quickly cast aside when a profitable opportunity strikes.


The borderlands are rife with adventure opportunities. In Westgate, there is intrigue and shadow politics, where criminal gangs fight lawlessly in the streets and thieves roam across the rooftops at night. In the wilderness, many Jotun and Dwarven ruins from ancient days dot the landscape, beckoning would-be explorers. Wild monsters, wondering Jotun clans, warbands of orcs, and other nefarious dangers await those who explore the borderlands.

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