Regions of the World

Interactive Map of Ularin


Nations & Kingdoms

Vigilant Astonia Imperium

Republic of Hopesdawn

Orcish Hold of Hashan

Independent Borderlands

Viking Clans of Krungar

Proud Jarldom of Aelgard

Sea Principalities of Angmar

Dwarven Kingdoms of Kalavar

Verdant Fields of Verland
Elven Forests of Enaarvis
Lake Duchy of Eshlien
Gothic Baronries of Kalrua
Wild Kingdom of Loyolla
Shining Coasts of Migara
Holy Theocracy of Korenell
The God-Pharoah’s Empire of Arathkelsara


Northern Wilderness

Humid Swamps of Arawen
Perilous Jungles of the Serpent Peninsula
Frontiers of the New West
Gnollish Outpost of Gogrin
Goblin Dominion of Dragmore
Windswept Freewind Savannah
Islands of the Inner Sea
Xelhasa Peninsula

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