Languages of Enelis




Arathian – Human language of the Arathkelsara regions.
Common (Nomen) – Continent-wide trade language of former Nomen tongue. Old Nomen merged with Amarie to create this modern language.
Draconic – Dragon language, used by wizards, sorcerers, and for magical writings.
Druidic – Secret language of druid circles.
Dwarven (Khudzi) – Dwarven language of all dwarves.
Elven (Evarvis) – Elven language of all elves.
Gnoll – Gnoll languages of the Gogrin region.
Goblin – Goblin language of the goblins of Dragmore region.
Havashi – Halfling language of the Havashi people.
Hashkan – Orc/Dohkan language of the northern gray orcs of Hashkan.
Jotun – Language of the giants of the former Braellheim empire.
Noradrie – Human language of the Aelgard and Krungar regions.
Orcish – Orc language of the southern green orc tribes.
Seldrie – Human language of the southern coasts, Migara and Arawen.
Selicean – Human language of the Inner Sea and former Xaya empire. Xaya merged with Seldrie dialects to create this modern tongue.
Toldan – Human language of the Verland, Kalrua, Loyolla regions.
Undercommon – Trade language of the Deep Underground, based on a variation of Elven by the shadmar.


Amarie – Human language of the pre-Nomen people of Astonia, Angmar, Eshlien regions. Precursor to modern Nomen (Common) tongue.
Ancient Arathian – Human language of the ancient Arathian empires, related to Arathian. Has a written form using hieroglyphics.
Old Nomen – Nomendrie language of the Nomen refugees from Alarus, related to Draconic. Precursor to modern Nomen (Common) tongue.
Xaya – Human language of the ancient Xaya empire.


Abyssal – [CHAOTIC EVIL] Language of demons, qlippoth, and the Abyss.
Aklo – Language of aberrations, occultists, and the Elder Gods.
Aquan – Language of water elementals.
Auran – Language of air elementals.
Celestial – [GOOD] Language of angels, guardinals, and devas of Heaven, Elysium, and Arborea.
Ignan – Language of fire elementals.
Infernal – [LAWFUL EVIL] Language of devils and Hell.
Necril – Language of intelligent undead and negative energy.
Protean – [CHAOS] : Language of protean and slaadi of Limbo.
Requien – [NEUTRAL] Language of Psychopomps of the Spire.
Sylvan – Language of fey creatures of the Otherworld (Annwyn).
Terran – Language of earth elementals.
Utopian – [LAW] Language of aeons and modrons of Mechanus/Utopia.

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