Paragons of Annwyn

Religions & Philosophies


The Paragons of Annywn

The pantheon of the fey…

Lugh the BrightLGLight, honor, craftsmanship, heroism
Oghma the Well-SpokenLNLanguage, writing, eloquence, speech
Belhrenus the BurningLEFire, heat, the sun, retribution
Briddhra the HealerNGHealing, fertility, passion, motherhood
Ceridwen the White WitchNGWisdom, potions, inspiration, prophecy
Dhaghda the ChieftainNGCommunity, food, drink, merriment, fatherhood
Arawnn the Lord of SoulsNMagic, shape-shifting, nobility, unborn souls
Dwannu the River-QueenNWater, rivers, power, nobility
Emmenthhall the TreelordNTrees, treants, primal magic
Morrigmaghda the Three SistersNEFate, sorcery, lust, seduction, darkness
Oengus the YoungCGImmortality, resurrections, poetry, love
Cerunnos the Horned OneCNAnimals, music, dancing, satyrs
Cathra-Babda the Battle CrowCNWar, battle, crows, turmoil
Nuadair the Silverhand HunterCNHunting, fishing, survival, tracking
Thachthair the MischievousCNMischief, pranks, humor, thievery
Bheareach the Winter CroneCECold, winds, winter, wolves
Tuireanis the StormlordCEStorms, thunder, lightning, chaos



“the TBD”
Goddess of TBD.
Alignment: Lawful TBD
Symbol: TBD
Origin: Elven

Edicts: TBD
Anathema: TBD
Follower Alignments: LG

Avatar: TBD
Clerical Orders: Order of the TBD
Worshipers: Elves

Devotee Benefits

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