Gods & Pantheons

Religions & Philosophies


The Power of Faith

Religious worship is quite common on Enelis as most people try to make sense of the complex world around them. It should be noted that priests in Enelis are not typically spellcasters. While many of the churches on Enelis are powerful organizations, individuals involved in them usually have no special powers or spells. People gather in temples and churches to share a common faith, build community, or to try and change the wider world. Dark cults operate in the shadows, trying to enact what they believe are the wishes of their gods.  Faith and belief is often a driving force for the people of Enelis, and through this action, many believe the will of the gods are imposed upon Enelis.

Above are the most common pantheons, religious organizations, and philosophies that can be found on Ularin.

Download Pantheon Sheet for use with Pathfinder (2ed). [Outdated]


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