Dwarven Ancestries

Ancestries of Enelis


Dwarven Ancestries

The Dwarves of Enelis, called the ‘Kazra’ by the dragons, are a proud and industrious people with resilience and strength unseen by other humanoid ancestries. Like other First-born ancestries, Dwarves live long lives, often of two or three centuries. The are said to have originated deep within the bowels of the planet, in the lightless caverns of the Deep Underground. However, divine inspiration, a calling from their deity Puln, drove the Dwarves to seek a new life on the surface world in what was called the Thrynmirland¸ the Quest for the Land of Stars. They were told to climb upwards until the ceilings of the caverns could not be seen overhead and light streamed down, glittering from an infinite expanse above, and reflected by the purest lake of clear waters below. After hundreds of years and multiple generations, the Dwarves pushed their way through the caverns, through the Grimdrinkrinsli, the Endless Road of Shadows, through the dark caverns of the Deep Underground. With the leadership of the mighty hero, Thaladin Kalgeddin, the Dwarves emerged onto the surface of the continent of Polarus. However, it was naught but a frozen wasteland, and so the Dwarves, full of uncanny endurance and perseverance, continued their quest, searching for Mirbonland (the Promised Land of Stars).

The Dwarves headed south, fighting with the Jotuns who seemed to block their way at every turn. Eventually, the Dwarves found the valleys of Kalavar. They came to a large mountain lake, the Mirrormor, and through it, saw the stars shining above them. They knew that they had arrived. They found Mirbonlond. The Dwarves settled in the mountains of Kalavar and it has since been their ancestral home.

Khuzdi (the People)

Skin: Tawny, tanned, or amber skin tones.
Hair: Wavy or curly hair of black, brown, red, or blonde hues.
Eyes: Hazel to dark brown eyes.
Size: Short heights and stocky builds.

The Khuzdi are the Dwarves of Kalavar. They are the Dwarves that settled in the valleys and, for generations, have remained a part of that land and culture. They are the most common Dwarf to be seen on the eastern coasts. Their society is quite orderly and structured, often with harsh punishments. Most Khuzdi value their honor and social standing above all else. Loyalty to the clan is seen as an important duty. They have strong ties to their families, clans, and communities. To outsiders, the Khuzdi are a very reserved and guarded people, and it can take a long time to earn their trust and respect. However, once one proves their loyalty and trust, the Khuzdi will treat them like one of their own clan. The Khuzdi often believe there is a proper way to do things, and never take short-cuts that will lower the quality of their work.  They are known as excellent crafters, especially metal-workers and smiths. Their weapons and armor are the most desired throughout Enelis. However, the Khuzdi can also be easily affected by avarice and greed, taking great delight in treasures and gemstones. The mountain-homes of the Khuzdi are said to possess many kingdoms-worth of gold and silver.

Khani (the Seekers)

The Khani Dwarves are physically similar to their Khuzdi brethren, but their style and culture varies slightly.  After the founding of Kalavar, the Dwarven population exploded and some of the new generations of Dwarves grew doubtful that the Kalgordur Valley was indeed the Mirbonland that the Dwarves had originally sought. These Seekers would gather into groups, ranging from small expeditions to whole clans, and they would set out to found a new outpost in the hills and mountains of the wider world.  The most famous Khani settlement is the city of Brong (formerly Brong-Zong, Stone-Song) on the western border of Korenell. However, there were numerous other Dwarven outposts throughout Ularin and possibly beyond. Each of these Dwarven sects would often develop cult-like religions or strange societal customs as they disconnected themselves from the traditions of Kalavar. While there are few Khani expeditions today, many of the Dwarves that can be found in the south of Ularin are descended from the original Khani clans. These Dwarves are often found in the cities of men, being content to live outside the mountain of Kalavar, since, to them, the Promised Land may still be out there, or perhaps never truly existed in the first place.

Grimdzi (Dark Dwarves)

Skin: Pale gray to dark gray skin tones.
Hair: Wavy or curly hair of black hues.
Eyes: Black eyes.
Size: Very short heights and stocky builds.

The Grimdzi, or Dark Dwarves, are descended from the Dogarrun clan of Dwarves. During the Elven-Dwarven Wars, the Dogarrun clan orchestrated the assassination of the Dwarven High Magistrate, the leader of Grund-Kalavar. This plot was a conspiracy with the Shadmar elves of Valraen. When the conspiracy was uncovered, the other Dwarven clans captured and gathered the Dogarrun Dwarves, bringing them to Valraen. It was there that Sulmar archmagi cursed both the Shadmar and Dogarrun Dwarves with banishment to the Deep Underground.  Thus, the Grimdzi were born. The return to the Deep Underground caused the clan to split into various sects and tribes as they fought with the Shadmar over limited resources.  These days, the Grimdzi are a dark and depraved mockery of the Khuzdi. They delight in tyranny, torture, and power. They are known to control various slave networks in the underground caverns, often selling captured slaves to Shadmar cities or evil surface-dwellers. Occasionally, the Grimdzi find a path that connects to the tunnels under Kalavar and wage a war with their surface-dwelling kin.


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