Adventures in Domasia


You are in the lands known as Domasia. It is an medieval world of small villages struggling to survive against raiders, would-be warlords, and dangerous beasts that prowl the land at night. The commonfolk of this land work together to make a living, helping their village to survive the harsh winters and thrive during the vibrant summers. Those that refuse to cooperate are forced to find their own way in the wild lands beyond the village.

Domasia is plagued by war and strife. A great king, called the Last King, once ruled over all these lands, but their armies were defeated by an army of goblins and orcs centuries ago. Now the people of the region are scattered and left to their own devices, struggling to survive in the harsh land.  But legends say that anyone that finds the lost tomb of the Last King and wears his crown will again rule over all of Domasia again.

The story begins in a small village called Ravenstead on the western outskirts of the Dalelands. Villages are few in number in this accursed land and most rarely have contact with anyone outside of the small village. Strangers are viewed with deep suspicion. Your village is led by the Overseer, and elder who oversees the village’s labor and cooperation.


Session 1: The Raid on Ravenstead

[Oct 15th, 2021] [Nick, J.D.]

The chill autumn winds howl at the cracks in the crude wooden walls. Many pints of thick ale sit upon the table in large wooden mugs as the local villagers of Ravenstead gather to celebrate the autumnal harvest and long dark march to winter.

The air inside the Ravenstead Public House is filled with smoke as pipes release fragrant puffs into the air, the spicy smell of lamb stew emanates from the large cauldron in the nearby fireplace. The sounds of laughter and curses reverberate throughout the room as the townsfolk celebrate. There are games of dice being played and stories being told about the harsh year.

We meet a number of interesting townsfolk, including Heilgarda, the Overseer’s daughter, the young woman being trained to overtake the management of the village. Conrad, the warrior in-training who protects Heilgarda, but is secretly in love with her. Humbert the village healer, who thinks only of himself. Oswald the village blacksmith who is desperately lonely and depressed, but managed to come out on this festive night. Volker, the wild drunken warrior who would protect the village with his life. Anselm the barber, who has the tendency to stick anything not nailed down into his pockets. Rochelle the radish farmer, who tries to keep things civil and fair. And in the corner, is Elric, the mysterious mystic who often disappears into the woods for days at a time.

As the villagers enjoy their festivities, the building suddenly shakes violently with a thunderous boom and screams are heard far from the building. Two wild-bearded men brandishing spears burst through the house’s door with an eager scowl upon their faces. The villagers leap to defend themselves. Oswald is immediately killed by a spear through his heart. The others, however, manage to fell the two raiders. They then notice that the building is near collapse. Most manage to get out in time, and Conrad pushes Heilgarda out of the building is it falls upon him. Thankfully, he was uninjured.

As the villagers exit into the yard, they find the village is set afire and four more raiders charge at them. The battle is grim and dark. The raiders manage to kill a few of the villagers, but their sheer numbers allow the villagers to overcome them. Kai the Wainwright, Ostara the Locksmith, and Sakia the Gambler are counted among the dead. Two more villagers join the others, coming from nearby buildings, Lanfrank a former indentured servant, and Aldona, a minstrel and bard. Humbart the Healer decides to flee the village and disappears into the darkness beyond. The others, however, decide to press forward and seek out the Overseer, Heilgarda’s father.

As the villagers reach the center of the village, they find a rowdy group of raiders tearing through each house as they burned them, breaking through furniture looking for valuables. The villagers run into a couple of drunk raiders, but take them out quickly. The villagers then decide to check out the Overseer’s house, but Heilgarda only sees her father’s dogs inside. They then check out another empty building, finding it trashed and destroyed. Elric fills a leather sac with water near the pond. Everyone the circles around the village.

The villagers then find Heilgarda’s father, Siegbald the Wise, kneeling on the ground with a mighty warrior with a large axe threatening to chop off his head. He demands that the Overseer give him the silver raven amulet. Heilgarda knows that her father wears it at all time. Siegbald feigns ignorance as the villagers charge in to defend him. Conrad leads the charge, having now killed quite a few of the raiders. Volker joins him and they all manage to cut down the raider’s leader and his minions. Siegbald thanks them for saving him, but he feels the village is lost. Anselm takes a silver sword from the leader’s scabbard, finding it is a powerful magic sword named Daugrdanissa

A few more villagers join them, Astolfo the Woodcutter, Diomira the Ropemaker, Alwine the Beggar, and Isenbert the Miller, coming from the south. The villagers decide to flee to the outskirts of the village, letting the raiders drink themselves into a stupor. They spend a few hours trying to rest their bodies as their minds raced with the loss of their home. They then regroup and sneak into the center of Ravenstead. Anselm leads the way, sneaking in with Diomira, Isenbert, Alwine, and Astolfo. They find a few raiders sleeping off their drunkeness in the center of town near the well. They manage to cut a few of their throats while they slept, but Isenbert accidently awakens the rest. The group is able to take them out quickly.

All the villagers then regroup, taking the village’s treasure that the raiders gather, including many silver coins, some metallic art objects and sacred items, and a suit of fine chainmail. The villagers then gather what weapons and armor they can from Oswald’s smithy. Once fully armed, Volker calls out a warning, the rest of the raiders heard their clattering and now come towards the village center. A great battle ensues as the armed villagers fight to defend their home. Thankfully, the raiders are quite inebriated and the villagers are able to take many of them out, despite being outnumbered. However, Volker, Lanfrank, and Diomira are killed in the battle. Also, Elric attempted to use the strange magicks he has been studying, and incidentally burned his face and arms such that they appear waxy.

When the final raiders are felled, the Overseer, Seigbald, speaks with the survivors. He tells them they will try to rebuild the village, but he begs his daughter and some of the others to take the silver raven amulet and seek out Venixama the Seer. The wise woman may know why the Stormsword clan seeks the amulet and why they would destroy their village to find it.

And so, a band of adventurers set out on the quest to discover the mystery of the amulet and perhaps gain vengeance against the Stormsword clan. The adventurers include Conrad the Gallant, now a confident warrior. Heilgarda the Raven’s Eye, who now finds comfort in the teachings of Odis the Raven God to lead this quest. Anselm the Barber, who has mastered the art of stealth and deception in the ever-reaching pursuit of wealth. Elric the Wax Magician, who has begun to understand the dangerous secrets of arcane magic and the cost to his own body. Rochelle the Steady, the moral guidance, who has now sworn an oath to Forsoti the Blind Judge. And, finally, Isenbert the Stone, who has learned he has more talent for combat and war than baking bread.

The adventurers then set out to find the mysterious witch, the first time most of them have ever left the boundaries of the village of Ravenstead…


Session 2: Mild Exploration

[Apr 5th, 2022] [Noah, Nick]

The six would-be heroes speak among themselves for some time. They decide that Elric should seek out Veximara in the nearby woods, since he has been secretly meeting her to study magic. So, Elric leads Anselm, Isenbert, and Rochelle out into the northeastern woods. They find that the witch’s shack has been abandoned, although there are no clear signs of distress.

Anselm and Elric head back to Ravenstead, but Isenbert and Rochelle decide to explore some more. They head east deeper into the woods, where they find an old logging camp, seemingly attacked recently and a trail of blood pointing further east and south. The two head south and come across some soldiers travelling the farmlands looking for any remaining raiders of the Stormswords. The soldiers relate that their are rumors of small dog-like humanoids roaming the area. Isenbert and Rochelle then head deeper into the woods to the east. They come across some bandits, but they are fleeing from something to the south. The two carefully approach where the bandits ran away, and find a group of five kobolds standing guard near an old dilapidated stone keep, set deep in the Wood of Ornkirk. Likely, the old Ornkirk Keep.

The two head back north away from the kobolds and come across some unfriendly hunters, who only warn them that they should be more worried about the wolves that have been attacking farmsteads south of Ravenstead. Feeling like they have had enough adventure over the past couple days, Isenbert and Rochelle return to Ravenstead for food and rest.


Session 3: A Camping Trip

[Apr 15th, 2022] [Jen, J.D., Jacob]

A few more peasants of Ravenstead decide to venture forth in the hopes of finding riches and learn more about their surroundings in the wider lands of Domasia. Warin the False Beggar, Aelnod the Healer, Stephen the Animal Trainer, Ediva the Tax Collector, Goditha (Goddy) the Mercenary, and Joseph the Grave Digger set forth together, a band of six peasants.

They head through the plains southeast of the village, finding large sinkholes had formed along an old farm field. They continue on into Ornkirk Woods into the evening of their journey. They then spot eight kobolds in the woods. The kobolds are as surprised as they are and don’t immediately attack. Warin immediately tries to flee for his life, stealing Stephen’s pony and granting him the moniker, the Horse Thief. Dimwitted Stephen then chases after Warin and catches up to him at the edge of the woods. Warin and Stephen decide to head back to town and not risk their lives no more.

Meanwhile, the other peasants manage to back away from the kobolds and leave them in peace, likely helped by Ediva and Goddy brandishing their swords. The group of four head to west and prepare a camp, sleeping in the dark and cold overnight.

Early the next morning, Stephen and Warin reach the outskirts of the villages and hear the baying of wolves coming towards them. Warin demonstrates grand cowardice yet again and punches Stephen, hoping to leave the animal trainer for the wolves. Stephen, however, ties his pony to a nearby post and Warin sees the plan. He slashes the pony with some crude implements to illicit the smell of blood. The two then flee into Ravenstead, leaving the pony to be eaten by the wolves.

The other four, Ediva, Goddy, Aelnod, and Joseph, awaken unharmed and head southeast, deeper into Ornkirk Woods to chase the streams to the wider river. They eventually reach Wildwood River and find it a beautiful bastion of nature.

However, the four find themselves beset in quicksand and begin to sink to their doom. Joseph is able to miraculously free himself with his shovel and is able to help the others gain freedom. They all spend the evening and night camped along the riverbank, foraging for food and enjoying the wilds of nature.

The next morning, the four set out to return to Ravenstead and share the tales of their exploits. Along the way, they come across another patch of quicksand in the forest, but it proves to be little danger after their previous experience. The travelers then come across a group of militia soldiers patrolling the region. They seem to be in good spirits and offer the travelers leather armor and spears to defend themselves and help with the protection of the region. The four travelers then return to Ravenstead and share of their travels in the taverns.


Session 4: Drogo the Last

[Apr 30th, 2022] [J.D., Nick]

Conrad the Righteous gathers a party of townsfolk from Ravenstead to find the kobolds of the nearby Ornkirk Keep, as he speaks their language and he hopes they can be reasoned with. He brings Anselm the Barber, Lefwald the Woodcutter, Mable the Jeweler, Bridget the Blacksmith, and Drogo the Ropemaker with him. They gather some supplies in town before heading towards the keep. Along the way, they come across a great rat’s nest in the plains, but avoid the rats. They then head into the nearby woods and are accosted by two black bears.

The bears charge at them and they are able to defeat the bears in combat, but Bridget is mauled by one of the bears and felled. The survivors cut up the bears and have a fine feast that night, camping under the stars. The next morning, (15th Heartrest), the group reaches the old logging camp, but find no signs of anything other than the deserted camp. The group then heads deeper into the forest towards the rumored keep.

They reach the keep in the late afternoon and manage to climb through the bramble bushes that surround it. They explore two broken towers and the fallen stable before heading towards the stone keep itself. Lefwald kicks the broken door in and they find a group of five dog-like kobolds in the chamber. A combat breaks out and the townsfolk charge in to fight. They are quite successful and fell many of the kobolds, but a side room opens and six more of the creatures emerge. The fight continues and the townsfolk take only a few minor wounds as they fell the remainder of the kobolds. They find numerous daggers and some copper coins among the dog-like creatures.

They explore the two nearby chamber, a broken guard room to to the right and a smelly latrine to the left. Lefwald then kicks in the next door, where the group finds a ruined dining hall with a large wooden throne. They immediately close the door, however, as they find it is plagued with eight giant rats.

The group then devices a nefarious trap to kill the rats, using daggers attached to the old door of the keep on a complicated pendulum contraption. They pile cut pieces of the dead kobolds to attract the rats outside the door. Anselm then opens the door, letting Lefwald and Mabel to pull down the trap. However, the trap breaks into pieces, but still manages to kill the first rat. The rest of the rats charge in for the grisly meat, but once the townsfolk throw weapons at them, the rats explode into a fury of biting and frantic energy.

Drogo rushes into the room to check out the throne, as Anselm follows to fell a rat left in the old chamber. Conrad, Mabel, and Lefwald find themselves accosted by the rats and take a few out, but also receive some injuries. Drogo finds a small chest hidden in the throne, and it rings with the sound of coins inside. He rushes out of the room, but Anselm finds himself stuck with rats chasing him. Lefwald is bitten by a rat and falls as the rat tears him apart. The others try to move back in to get Anselm out, but the rats manage to fell each of them, first Anselm, then Mabel, then Conrad. Drogo is able to fell the final rat at the last moment, but finds all his friends are dead.

Drogo becomes, “Drogo the Last”, as he begins his life as a full-fledged adventurer and swindler. He takes what items he can with him and manages to haul it all back to Ravenstead and share the tale of his adventure in Ornkirk Keep. He returns Conrad’s sword, helm, and shield to Heilgarda, who mourns the loss of her friend and bodyguard.


Session 5: Cattle Wrangling

[Jun 14th, 2022] [Nick, Noah]

A group of four peasants set out from Ravenstead, featuring: Randall the Soldier, Harald the Astrologer, Roger the Mercenary, and Florence the Caravan Guard. They head out towards the west to see what else lies away from the village, after many horrible stories of folks dying heading east.

They first head south where they come across a group of refugee farmers fleeing from some great beast that attacked their farms a half-day’s walk to the south. They describe the ugly creature as being as tall as a house and with two great arms like tree trunks. The Ravenstead travelers decide to head west instead and avoid this terrorizing monster.

They head into the plains to the west and find a group of pilgrims who welcome them to their camp. They break bread with the pilgrims, who explain they have gathered to pay homage to the burial sites of templar-knights that once fought alongside the Last King in the name of the lawful deity, Baldurus the Builder. The pilgrims say they hail from a city called Gladdenstone, a few days to the south past the Stinking Marshes. The city has brightly colored buildings filled with engineering marvels such as windmills and watermills.

The next day, the travelers head out and avoid a flooded plain thanks to Florence’s guidance. They find the edge of the stinking marshes where the grasslands grow tall and slow their progress. They camp for the night, but Harald awakens them as he hears a herd of large creatures moving nearby in the darkness. They wait quietly for the creatures to pass and go back to sleep.

The next morning, the travelers find that the creatures were a large group of wild cattle. They decide to follow the tracks north back into the rolling hills and open plains. They find the cattle, there are twelve of them, three large bulls among them. Florence crafts a crude rope from the long grasses, and that evening the travelers decide to try and wrangle one of the calves. They wait until it moves away from the others and charge at it. However, the calf is spooked and two of the large bulls charge in. One of the bulls impales Randall on his horns, killing the soldier instantly.

The travelers manage to fell one of the bulls and knock out the young calf. Florence hog-ties the calf while the others fight back against the second bull. The bull charges at Florence, with Randall’s corpse still hanging from its horns. The bull strikes into a large boulder, its horns cracking and breaking. The creature takes off as Randall’s body falls to the ground.

The travelers butcher the large bull and take as much meat as they can and set camp as far as they can get that evening, away from the corpses. Harald takes Randall’s things as they leave, putting the soldier’s body in the carcass of the dead bull. The travelers then rest for the night.

The next day, Florence strings her small chest to the calf’s back to carry the chunks of meat, and they all head back to Ravenstead. On the way, they encounter a group of wolves hiding in a small den, but manage to flee, leaving chunks of meat behind to distract the hungry wolves. The three travelers reach Ravenstead, selling the calf and meat for a hefty profit.

They all become full-fledged adventurers: Roger the Bull (warrior), Florence the Roper (thief), and Harald the Bull Whisperer (cleric of Malvok the Beastlord).


Session 6: The City of Brilliant Colors

[Sep 13th, 2022] [Nick, Noah]

With all the rumors abounding in Ravenstead, a few more seasoned explorers decide to unite and learn more about the wider world. Thus a party is formed: Rochelle the Steady, devoted follower of Forsoti the Blind; Isenbert the Stone, the gruff, axe-wielding warrior; Elric the Wax Magician, master of flames and rope-tricks; and finally Harald the Bull Whisperer, devotee of Malvok the Beastlord.

The four explorers gather their supplies and head out from Ravenstead, passing wild cattle and wild horses in the rolling namesake, Wildhorse Plains. At the end of the first day of travel, they meet some wary pilgrims heading to the sacred site of the Builder’s templars. The pilgrims do not seem interested in conversing. However, that night, Harald spots one of the pilgrims trying to sneak into the party’s camp. Thankfully, his sudden movements scares off the would-be-thief.

The next day the explorers travel west and south, through more of the rolling plains. They spend the night near some ponds as they near the marshes. The next day they set out, finding an easy ford over the widened Wildwood River. They see signs of wagon wheels in the mud. The explorers continue their expedition southward past the soggy grounds back into the rolling plains known as the Scarcia Grasslands. At the end of the day, they see a town in the valley ahead.

The unwalled town has numerous windmills upon its hills and water-wheels along its creeks. The town’s buildings and people are covered in bright colors, akin to a rainbow. As the explorers reach the town proper, they find they are welcomed to the town of Gladdenstone. They find a grand church dedicated to Baldurus the Builder, god of construction and community. The four-story stone structure is a marvel of engineering, called the Temple of the Divine Hammer.

The explorers talk briefly with the priest and learn a little of the town. It is dedicated to engineering and farming, and is ruled by Lady Fanastaff Arigriel, head of the noble council. The explorers then head over to an inn for the night, called the Bronze Spade. They also speak with the patrons, trying to learn about any rumours of adventure. They learn about the Singing Stones of Kalihad, a strange and possibly magical site. They also learn about the Blue-Horned Beast that dwells in the Great Forest to the west. Any who can claim the beast’s horns would be celebrated.

The next day (7th, Rainfall), the explorers purchase more food and set out to find the Singing Stones of Kalihad. They head north and west into the Great Forest. As they make camp for the night, they greet some patrolling soldiers from Gladdenstone, who warn them about the Singing Stones as a dangerous place. That night, Elric discovers that they are camped on an ancient gravesite from the ancient days.

The next morning (8th Rainfall), Elric shares this information and they uncover numerous forgotten gravestones. They also find an ancient cairn. Elric and Harald pull down the stones, as Isenbert and Rochelle clear the gravestones to respect the dead. As Elric pulls the final stone away, the crumbling entrance gives way, revealing a short cairn with a crumbling, stone sarcophagus inside. The explorers are then startled as something moves inside.

A decaying ghoul then crawls out of the sarcohpagus and a second charges out from the back of the small cairn. The explorers draw their weapons to fight back. The ghouls begin tearing into Isenbert and Harald, who manage to resist. However, Isenbert soon falls victim to the ghouls’s paralysis. Harald is cursed by one of the ghouls, and then his body goes rigid as well. Rochelle tries to heal Isenbert, but for some reason, Forsoti is displeased with her. Rochelle succumbs to a divine disease from her god’s disappointment. She, too, is then paralyzed by the ghouls.

Meanwhile, Elric summons a rope to tie up the ghouls, but finds his friends are all paralyzed. He fires his bow, felling one of the ghouls with a well-placed arrow. The other ghoul pounces on him, but Elric manages to draw his dagger and stab the ghoul repeatedly in the chest, felling it.

Elric then explores the cairn, finding a few coins and some magical arrows. After an hour, Rochelle and Harald can move again. But the explorers wait for most of the day before Isenbert can move again. They decide to count their blessings and return to Gladdenstone, reaching the town as night begins to fall.



Session 7: Travelers from Gladdenstone

[Oct 20th, 2022] [Nick, JD, Jacob]

A small group from Gladdenstone decides to set out and seek their fortune. The group includes, Nikola the Warrior; Miles the Jeweler, Constance the Farmer, Ingrid the Merchant, Jenefer the Seductress, priestess of Baldurus, and XXX.

The group decides to head southeast, where they run into some mercenaries from the Craven Crows. Jenefer convinces them to let them share lunch, where they discuss their travels. They hail from Whiterock Castle to the southeast and are heading to the forest on a mission. The group then says farewell and continues, heading south towards the forest. The next day, they run into a few soldiers from Gladdenstone, and then deeper in the woods, run into more Craven Crows, who claim the other group are traitors and are seeking them.

The group from Gladdenstone then camps in the woods. That night they are accosted by three giant brown bears, but with some quick thinking and throwing of rations, they are able to flee the camp while the bears eat their food. However, in the darkness of the forest, Miles ‘trips’ down a pit and breaks his neck. Nikola recovers his items and Jenefer gives a small prayer for the deceased. They return later to find the bears are gone.

The next morning they decide to head back to Gladdenstone, but on the way, they are accosted by a pack of seven wolves. Constance is forced to leave her mule behind as they make their escape and return to their town.


Session 8: The Lost Keep of Gorendard

[Nov 10th, 2022] [Diana, Jen, Tim]

A band of four mercenaries overheard whispers in the taverns of Gladdenstone. It seems a few hunters have found an old keep in the Great Forest west of the town. Rumors of treasure begin to circulate and greed gets the best of a few people. The group includes: Turbert the bandit, an aggressive, albeit dim-witted warrior, and former blacksmith. Humphrey the thief, a former barber that has begun to work with the local thieves guild, but is eager to earn more. Elyas the acolyte of Baldurus, a naïve and timid fellow who was once a simple beggar before finding his god. And finally Philip, a part-time guardsman for the town who wishes to join a mercenary band.

The group head out of Gladdenstone through the wild woods to the west. They pass by a few mercenaries of the Craven Crows on their way. That evening, as the sun sets, the travelers see a small warband of twelve orcs passing through the woods. Elyas summons a shadow to hide them in the trees and saves them from a deadly fight. The orcs pass by without spotting them.

Later that night, the travelers make camp, and are greeted by a hunter named Thaliard who asks to stay the night near the warmth of their fire. The travelers agree, but are wary and keep watch. Naive Elyas, speaks with Thaliard during his shift about Baldurus. The next morning, however, after the hunter says his thanks and good-bye, Elyas finds that Thaliard stole many rations from him.

The group continues on to the keep. They find the ruins of the old fort deep in the forest. It is crumbling and covered in vegetation. The ruined door allows easy entry. The adventurers enter and find a room with a shaft into the floor into a chamber beneath. They decide to leave it be. They then find a chamber that Humphrey is certain is full of rats.

They then head to the other side of the keep and find four worshippers of Astra, two of them naked, in a ritual. The leader, an elf, tells them that they are trying to worship away from Gladdenstone, where it is forbidden to worship Astra. At first the pilgrims are unfriendly, but Elyas manages to talk them into peace and promises not to tell Gladdenstone their secret.

The adventurers are then able to explore some nearby chambers. Finding a fire trap that Elyas barely avoids, but a door that leads to the rats as well. The adventurers decide to face the rats, but there are almost 20 of them and they are overwhelmed. They manage to close the door and get away. Then the adventurers devise a clever ruse. They spread breadcrumbs from the door to some rations thrown into the shaft they found. Philip then draws the short straw and has to open the door. But the plan works. The rats chase the food and head down into the shaft. The adventurers then are able to get past them. Unfortunately, they find little for their efforts.

The adventurers count themselves lucky for surviving this long, and decide to return Gladdenstone and possible come back to explore the keep another time.


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