World of Enelis

Welcome to the world of Enelis. A land of lost ancient empires, striving new countries, war-torn kingdoms, and expanding cultures. Enelis is my homebrew medieval fantasy world in which my friends and I have played D&D and Pathfinder role-playing campaigns. You can learn more about the setting in the link below:

World of Enelis Campaign Setting


Tales of Enelis: Solo-Roleplaying Podcast


Session Logs

Below you’ll find the session logs for our current and previous role-playing games, both within and outside the world of Enelis.


Active Game Logs:

Campaign: Enelis Explorations [Pathfinder 2ed] (2022+)

This story begins in 713 G.R. in the Imperial Empire of Astonia. A group of strangers begin a mercenary company in the Imperial capitol of Milania.

Enelis Explorations (PF2): Session Logs

PF2e Homebrew Rules


Campaign: Heroes of the South [Pathfinder 2ed] (2020+)

This story begins in 670 G.R. and centers on a group of explorers trying to find the lost ancient city of the Xaya, known as Sava-Xi.

Heroes of the South (PF2) Session Logs


Campaign: Starforged: The Expanse [Savage Worlds/Starforged] (2023+)

A newly assembled crew of bounty hunters quickly find themselves embroiled in clan politics as they strive to make a mark in the Forge.

Starforged Session Logs


Occasional Game Logs

Campaign: Adventures in Domasia [Dungeon Crawl Classics/OSR] (2021+)

This game uses a classical sword & sorcery style of gameplay with excessive randomization. Multiple intersecting characters go on quests for fame and fortune in the divided lands of Domasia.

Domasia Session Logs


Campaign: Sagas of the Jarnlonds [Ironsworn] (2022+)

This game centers on the desperate stories and sagas told by the inhabitants of a a harsh and lonely world of the cold north, using an Old Norse setting.

Jarnlonds Session Logs


Campaign: Enelis Solo (2022+)

This is a solo game, using various solo-RPG tools to create a rich and surprising story for myself.

Enelis Solo Session Logs


Campaign: Heroes of the North [Pathfinder 2ed] (2020+) [On Hold]

This story begins in 692 G.R. and centers on a group of heroes facing the threat of war and a rising, once-forgotten power.

Heroes of the North (PF2) Session Logs

Heroes of the North Character Vignettes


Retired Game Logs:

Campaign: Heroes of Korenell [Pathfinder 2ed] (2018 – 2020)

This game followed an unlikely band of heroes as they went from saviors of their local town, to regional heroes in the lands of Korenell and beyond.

Heroes of Korenell (PF2) Session Logs

Heroes of Korenell (PF2) Session Recordings

Campaign: Heroes of Kulderon [Pathfinder 1ed] (2014 – 2018)

This game followed a band of heroes as they uncover a doomsday plot of an evil cult, and how these heroes rose to the greatest heights of power.

Heroes of Kulderon (PF) Session Logs

Campaign: Heroes of the War of the Devils [Pathfinder 1ed] (2012 – 2014)

This game followed a band of heroes as they uncovered a horrific secret in a prelude to the War of the Devils in Kalrua.

Heroes of the War of the Devils (PF) Session Logs


Campaign: The Rise of the Shadow [The One Ring 2ed] (2022)

This game followed a group of heroes who faced off against the denizens of the rising Witchking of Angmar.

Middle-Earth Session Logs

Campaign: Darkness Over Poland [Twilight: 2000 4ed] (2020 – 2021)

This game followed a group of people trying to survive the collapsed world in the broken lands of Poland following World War III in an alternate history of year 2000.

Twilight 2000 Session Logs

Campaign: The Dark Tapestry [Cyberpunk RED] (2021)

This game followed a group of edgerunners and their exploits in the cyberpunk world of Night City.

Cyberpunk RED Session Logs


Campaign: Adventure Among the Stars [Starfinder] (2021-2022) [Retired]

This story takes place in the Starfinder setting, focusing on a new group of Starfinders who find themselves on a quest to save their home-worlds from a star-destroying weapon.

Starfinder Session Logs


Enelis Lore:

Regions and Cities

The Northern Coasts (Regions and Kingdoms)

The Southern Reaches (Regions and Kingdoms)

The Theocratic Kingdom of Korenell

Dwarven City-state of Brong


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