In May of 2019, I started woodworking as a new passion. I spent much time reading used books and watching online videos, learning whatever I could about the craft. My long-term goal is to create beautiful, heirloom furniture and my own unique design.

Newest projects are on the top.


Baby’s First Woodworking Project

A little over a week ago, my wife and I had our first child. With… – READ MORE –

Baby Changing Station

My wife and I are expecting this fall and the list of woodworking projects are… – READ MORE –

Floating Shelves

I decided to reorganize my basement. I had been recording episodes of the Tales of… – READ MORE –

Shop Rearrangement

I had gotten a new toy at the end of 2022, a medium-sized benchtop lathe.… – READ MORE –

þe Olde Bandsaw Box

I finally got a new tight-cutting bandsaw blade (1/4″ 14 TPI raker blade). The 1/8″… – READ MORE –

Over-fridge Kitchen Cabinet

Things in the shop were going pretty well, but I was beginning to consider a… – READ MORE –

Vanity and Jewelry Drawers

My wife desperately needed some organization for her vanity in her room. She had been… – READ MORE –

Garage Octagon Window

My garage workshop has been fantastic. It’s great to have a separate building to go… – READ MORE –

Backyard Pergola

Five ago, my wife and I had talked about putting a pergola upon on our… – READ MORE –

Front-yard Patio

The eastern sunrise climbs over the houses across the street and beams upon our the… – READ MORE –

Record-Console Refinishing

Some time ago, my wife had pulled an old record-console from the alley. It was… – READ MORE –

Winter Projects 2022

Another cold winter in Minnesota and my workshop is unfortunately in an external garage with… – READ MORE –

Simple Storage

As the cold weather looms and access to my workshop becomes more limited, there were… – READ MORE –

Garden Projects

I took some time off from woodworking after building the large bookcase. I need to… – READ MORE –

Hardwood Bookshelf

I currently have a massive bookshelf in my room. It is from IKEA and it… – READ MORE –

Shop-made Jigs

Massive Cross-cut Sled I’ve been working on my large bookshelf and I needed a method… – READ MORE –

Arch Trellis

I’ve gotten numerous compliments on our moon-gate at the entrance to our front yard. I… – READ MORE –

Hooks for a Champion

With Spring around the corner, my wife was gearing up for upcoming races. Running has… – READ MORE –

Kitchen Additions

Utensil Holder This was a simple project to create a perfectly-sized utensil holder for our… – READ MORE –

Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

My wife and I love our house, but there are definitely some things we love… – READ MORE –

Desk Adjustment

I spend a lot of time at my computer, both for work and recreation. For… – READ MORE –

Spice Cabinet

This project has been a long time coming. I made the carcass for the cabinet… – READ MORE –

Closet Organizer and Sanding Station

Closet Organizer Like many people, the bottom of my closet had slowly became a catch-all… – READ MORE –

Desk Caddy & Garden Bench

Desk Caddy One small side project was a small desk caddy for my office. It… – READ MORE –

Router Table Deluxe

Like I had mentioned in a previous post, one of the new workshop upgrades was… – READ MORE –

Moon Gate

For our new fence, my wife and I had been talking about making an arch… – READ MORE –

Workshop Upgrades

My new bandsaw has arrived and I felt the need to add a few more… – READ MORE –

The Circuitous Fence

My woodworking was quickly veering into house construction chores as I saw ways to take… – READ MORE –

Workshop Update & Spice Cabinet Start

The wonderful world of woodworking continues during #lockdown2020. I’ve been quite busy taking care of… – READ MORE –

Lockdown Woodworking: Plant Stands

Over the quarantine, I’ve been working on a trio of plant stands. The legs were… – READ MORE –

The Handmade Workbench

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a new workbench. I needed something… – READ MORE –

Workshop Upgrades

I’m am currently in the throes of building a new workbench (hints of it seen… – READ MORE –

Hand Planes

So far, I’ve been sticking with machine-based woodworking and only occasionally reaching for my cheap… – READ MORE –

Workshop Layout

My workshop was now insulated and with my new infared heater, I was ready to… – READ MORE –

Workshop Insulation

I knew winter was going to make wood-working difficult for me. I wasn’t willing to… – READ MORE –

A Place to Sit and Plan

I decided I was moving my woodworking into the garage and desired to make that… – READ MORE –

Table Saw Cart

I began to notice that my tablesaw was leaving large piles of saw dust beneath… – READ MORE –

The Shed

With fall and winter approaching, I knew I would need more space in the garage.… – READ MORE –

Course Projects

The next several projects moved very quickly. I worked to finish each of the projects… – READ MORE –


For my next project, I needed to make some functional furniture. My current nightstand was… – READ MORE –

Bat House

One day, I was chatting with my wife online. We were discussing about setting up… – READ MORE –

Patio Table

My next project was straight from Steve Ramsey’s course, a small patio table. Some friends… – READ MORE –

Miter Saw Station

I realized I was using my miter saw quite a bit, but sometimes found it… – READ MORE –

First Workbench

I was now ready to start building projects for Steve Ramsey’s course. He calls it… – READ MORE –

Garden Trellis

By June of 2019, I was trying to improve my basic woodworking skills. I signed… – READ MORE –

Router Table

For my second project, I really wanted to make a router table to use the… – READ MORE –

Woodwork Beginning

For many years, I’ve always had an interest in making things with my hands. I… – READ MORE –

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