Here are many of the songs I have recorded. All of these are original songs.  All parts are performed by me.  My main instrument is piano and many parts are modeled so I can still play them on the more familiar keys.  However, some guitar, bass, and alto saxophone parts are on their respective instruments.



Sunshine over the Mountain [2018]

Happy to Be Me [2018]

Everyday Woman [2018]

Let’s Just Be Kind [2018]

Will You See Me to the End? [2017]

Sleepless Again [2017]

Truth Is Real [2017]

I Knew You [2017]

Tribal Nation [2017]

Everyday a Dreamer Dies [2017]

I’ll Survive [2017]

You’re in My Mind [2016]

Slow Down Time [2014]

Runnin’ on Time [2014]

Hesitant Assertation [Instrumental] [2013]

Rising Sun [2013]

1 + 1 = 1<>1 [2013]

You’re My Dream [Wedding Eve] [2013]

There’s Gotta Be [2008]

Free Your Mind [2008]

Way to Be [2008]

Waiting on a Dream [2008]

Mother Nature’s Children [2008]

Jeleousy [2007]




Blue Day [Medley] [2016]

Land of Winter [2016]

One More Day [2012]

Crow [2008]

Blue Day [2006]



Dreams for Stephanie (instrumental) [2008]

Mystic Waltz (instrumental) [2006]



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