Summer Garden 2023

Summer is blooming and two weeks later, we see large green tomatoes with the promise… – READ MORE –

Early Summer Garden 2023

Summer has officially begun and the garden is looking okay. The frontyard plants are thriving… – READ MORE –

Spring Garden 2023

The garden suffered during the drought last year. I lost all my currant bushes and… – READ MORE –

Summer Garden 2022

It’s been a bit dry out there and the garden is starting to show it.… – READ MORE –

Spring Garden 2022

It’s spring-time! The tulips are popping up and I’m quite excited. I planted over one-hundred… – READ MORE –

Garden Harvest: 2021

We had quite the bounty this year. The new tomato trellis on the front yard… – READ MORE –

Late Spring Garden 2021

It’s the end of May, and our silver maple trees have dumped their seeds upon… – READ MORE –

Spring Garden 2021

Springtime is here and the perennial plants are blooming. – READ MORE –

Mid-Summer Garden 2020

Summer is in full swing and the garden is filled with birds, bees, other bugs,… – READ MORE –

Summer Begins! (2020)

The solstice has come and summer begins in the garden. I love watching the transition… – READ MORE –

Springtime Garden (2020)

Spring time brought all the perennials into full bloom. This is the 3rd spring in… – READ MORE –

May Garden Update

The garden is in the midst of the Spring time bloom. The acidic garden has… – READ MORE –

Spring Peek

It’s late April and all the perennial plants have begun to peak out into the… – READ MORE –

Acid Garden

The 2020 garden season has begun. We are all under the stay-at-home guidelines for COVID-19,… – READ MORE –

Garden (2019): Expansion

It was March and we still had snow on the ground. I was very eager… – READ MORE –

Garden (2018): Building Paradise

This was it. This was the real deal. We had bought our first house and… – READ MORE –

Garden (2017)

In the summer of 2017, we had bought a new house. It was across the… – READ MORE –

Garden (2016)

The garden at the duplex continued to thrive, and I tried to pack more plants… – READ MORE –

Garden (2015)

By the Spring of 2015, we were greatly expanding the garden at the duplex. May… – READ MORE –


It’s been a long time since I posted anything, sorry for the silence.  Spring has… – READ MORE –

Garden (2014)

By the Spring of 2014, we were settled into a new home. It was another… – READ MORE –

Garden (2013)

This was the first year where we had moved to Minnesota. We were living in… – READ MORE –

Garden (2012)

This was the last year in our wonderful Kentucky yard. We had what seemed like… – READ MORE –

Garden (2011)

In 2011, I was living in Louisville, KY, USA. We were fortunate to have a… – READ MORE –

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