Fief Programming Changelog

Most of the game is still in its early phases.  A lot of the foundation for the later complex systems is in place, even if some of it is unused at the moment.

So try it out and see how long you can last!

Current Release:  alpha  [Feb 10, 2015]

Programming Changelog Hotfix

FIX:  Removed remaining integer comparisons on the new string IDs.

0.4.5 (Bundle ‘o’ Joy)


New Game Creation System:
– World map based on seed, Climate model, and wind direction.
– Extensive map viewing with overlays:
– Elevation, Rainfall, Waterways, Biome, and Ruggedness.
– Manor map based on world tile attributes
– Manor map based on size and ruggedness.
– Choose starting attributes.
– Choose demographical information.
– Name.
– Gender.
– Birth Day/Month.
– Personality type.
– Change appearance based on numerous parameters.
– More hair styles to come!
– Determines starting skills.
– Provides starting equipment.
– Completely moddable.

AI and Behavior:
– ROLES – long-term behavior
– SOCIAL ROLE (Determines Need-based interrupts and actions.)
– FAMILY ROLE (Determines Famiy-based interrupts and actions).
Ex: Worker, Homemaker, Child, Elderly
– JOB ROLE (Determines Work-based actions during work hours).
Ex: Lumberjack, Trader, Farmer, etc…
– GOALS – Short-term behavior and assignment with problem-solving.
– Assigns actions, the modular behavioral state.
– ACTIONS – Current step-wise action.
– Fail-fast, volatile beahavior code.
– BroadcastEvents – Some events broadcast interrupts to nearby creatures.
– Each Role is given an opportunity to respond to the interrupt.
– Ex: A killed ally nearby might cause peasants to run and panic,
while triggering nearby guards to come and attack.

Saving and Loading Overhaul:
– New XML definitions for save files, better encapsulation.
– Safer game saving with temporary folders in case of errors.
– Some Ruleset verification reported in log.
– Manifests for types to ensure older saved games link properly to current ruleset objects.
– Manifests for floating action objects.
– Better post-loading object linking.
– All data types use full string identifiers instead of integers.
– Format: <ruleset>.<type>.<name>
– Ex: ‘core.item.tree_branch’
– This should remove type collisions when multiple mods are added to a ruleset.

– Portraits and Avatars
– Each person has a skin, hair, eye, shirt, and pants color.
– Support for many hair types.
– Background culture will determine these statistics.

World Generation:
– New climate model objects that define biome placement.
– Realistic coasts and waterways.
– Graphics for world maps and biome categories.
– No kingdoms generated quite yet.

Manor Generation:
– Manor map based on a world map tile.
– Ruggedness determines elevation-biome spread.
– Waterways on manor maps (not complete).
– Coasts on manor maps.

– Cultural definitions to define physical characteristics.
– Defines cultural colors and biome preferences.
– Defines creature and plant domestications.

– Numerous bug fixes. (Maps and windows!)

– Better pathfinding algorithms using regional space.
– Pathfinding thread pool to optimize CPU usage.
– Personality types for Persons.
– Zodiac icons for the months.
– Tile information window.  Right click on a tile to gain more information about objects and entities.
– NPC portrait system.
– New skills: Apiculture, Diplomacy, Candlemaking, Pottery, Researching, Bowcrafting.
– Manor Management screen with Manor Map, Area Designation, and Jobsite Management tabs.
– AI reorganization (3 times at least 🙂 )
– Administration skill renamed to Accounting.
– Fancy new skill level page with icons.

– Numerous bug fixes. (Combat and lighting!)

– Severity and damage calculations for combat.
– Bodypart specific injury conditions.
– Bleeding in combat.
– Facing now affects combat statistics.
– Strafing! Hold Shift to strafe when you walk (maintains current facing).
– Shield and Armor objects.
– Dynamic weather system with limited duration events and console messages.
– Added Storm precipitation type.
– Added support for multi-line tooltips.
– Transparency effects for all creatures.
– Moon phase tracking and realistic night-time lighting.
– Day length now based on season and latitude with realistic lighting.
– Added generalized animation engine for objects/constructs.
– Added realistic lighting for torches and campfires.
– Added condition bars to all item renderings.
– Added quality color box in item info.

– Light Sources:
– New item: Burning Stick (it doesn’t last long).
– New item: Oiled Torch (currently uncraftable).

– Armors:
– New item: Hide Armor, Hide Gloves, Hide Helmet, Hide Bracers, Hide Leggings, Hide Boots.
– Shields:
– New item: Hide Shield.
– No crafting recipes yet for these since the number of creatures/leather needs work.

– Drinking/Eating displays object name in text output.
– Support for multi-line tooltips.
– Conditions show effects in tooltip mouse-over.
– Condition descriptions now in tooltips.
– Buttons now dim when in inventory.
– New 16 pnt font to improve readability.
– Now fall asleep involuntarily when too sleepy.
– Sleeping now gives the Unconscious condition during its duration.
– Unconscious condition has its own special lighting.
– Reduced evaporation values to help stabilize soil moisture.

– Fixed unfinished projects dropping broken items when interrupted.
– Fixed unconscious condition not going away with sleep.
– Fixed bug caused by no copy method for unfinished objects.
– Fixed missing ‘no running’ modifier effect.
– Fixed missing Storm weather rendering.
– Fixed color palettes left on some plant images.
– Fixed some event messaging bugs.
– Fixed bug when crafting with a generic workshop.
– Fixed a crash when trying to drink from an empty container.
– Fixed a day-period calculatiion bug causing an 8 am midnight.
– Fixed some CombatPanel rendering bugs.
– Fixed creating a Person only being a Creature bug.
– Fixed a combat skill level bug.
– Fixed numerous XML bugs related to person processing.

0.4.313 (Combat,take 1)

– Delete button on Load Panel to delete saved games.
– Crafting recipes are shown pertaining to all items in the input grid.
– Missing items for crafting recipes are shown as ghost items in inputs.
– Information window (R-click) for workshops.
– Complete music and sound engine, but turned off for now.
– Better support for liquid-based crafting.
– World-map terrain generation system (still unimplemented).

– Changed level advancement to be exponential, 10x quicker progression at level 0, and 1x at Level 9.
~ Overall still requires 5500 hours until Level 10 reached.
– Overhaul of Combat engine to include Facing, Attack-Reading, Severity calculations.

– Fixed construction site not stacking items.
– Fixed so only Full plants can be sheafed.
– Fixed plant propagation probability to be based on target site fertility.
– Fixed crafting recipes not showing for too many of an item in inputs.
– Fixed Primitive Shortbow not having Primitive Arrow as its ammo.
– Fixed mouse bugs for finding manor position.

0.4.268 (Plants! update)

– New plant growing system using realistic modeling of temperature, day length, and plant growth patterns.
~ Plants change status based on seasonal factors with some randomization.
> Dormant – (Dormant plants in the winter) [perennials only].
> Budding – (Early leaf growth, usually in Spring) [perennials only].
> Full – (Full leaf growth, primary growth period).
> Blooming – (Flower growth).
> Fruting – (Fruit/seed production, ready for harvest).
> Retreating – (Dormancy preparation, usually in Autumn, enjoy the colors).
> Dead – (Needs no explanation).
~ Plants spread seeds to bare soil.
~ All plants can now be harvested when Fruiting to receive seed objects that can be planted.
~ Self-seeding annuals will automatically re-grow in spring.
~ New plant texture format to support each status.

– New trees with fancy textures! (Oak, Willow, Beech, Elm, Ash, Birch, Rowan, Pine, Maple, Hazel).
– New rendering pipeline for the GameScreen to support larger plant images, transparent characters, and object piles.

– New Character Creation GUI screen for choosing some starting attributes (largely unfinished).

– New Skill-Levels GUI screen showing current progress in each skill.

– New Action: Auto-eating -> (‘a’->’e’). Automatically finds first available food item and eats it (tries to return to container).
– New Action: Auto-drinking (‘a’->’d’). Same as above for drinks.
– New Action: Swapping main hand/off hand items (backslash, ‘\’).
– New Action: Repeatable commands (‘r’, or ‘a’->’r’), includes a GUI button.

– New Skill-Use: Gardening->Plant Seed: Used to plant a seed object in bare soil.
– New Skill-Use: Gardening->Till Soil: Used to clear current plants from the soil.
~ Can also be used to incorporate Leaf Brush into the soil to improve fertility.

– New Skill-Use: Hideworking->Prepare Skin: Used to prepare a creature’s skin for processing.
~ Hideworking process:
SkillUse->HideWorking->Prepare Skin : Creates Dirty Hide objects from creature’s skin.
Hide cleaning [in Washing Area]: Dirty Hide -> Clean Hide
Tanning [in Washing Area]: Clean Hide + 3x Tree Bark -> Dirty Tanned Hide
Rinsing [in Washing Area]: Dirty Tanned Hide -> Clean Tanned Hide
Stretching [in Stretching Rack]: Clean Tanned Hide -> Leather

– New construct: Washing Area: Must be built in water (of course).
– New construct: Stretching Rack: Used to stretch clean tanned hides into leather.
– New construct: Wooden Box: First storage unit of the game! (not craftable yet).

– Added support for Container constructions for both solids and liquids.
– Added base support for using liquids in crafting.
– Action information bar now more informative and asks for more information as needed.
– Tools now degrade with use. Tool quality and materials govern how long tools will last.
– Sleeping causes hunger/thirst to decrease slower.
– Sleeping in shelter gives even less degradation to hunger/thirst, also won’t wake up unexpectedly.
– Holding Shift while dropping container to Ground/Workshop dumps all contents inside.
– Crafting recipes now have maximum times, so having poor skills do not make simple tasks take days.
– Map generation creates at least one Stone Debris when starting new map.
– Character’s current task speed taken into effect (therefore being tired slows your work down).
– Viewing an Unfinished Project (R-click) now provides more information about that project.
– Workshops that use fuel now have a fuel-box icon to drop items into (warning: cannot get them back out!)
– Construction Sites now have icon in Inventory panel to easily add components to the site.
– Can chop down shrubs for many branches.

– Volumes units changed to cups instead of cu.ft. (except for creature size and material density).
– Up to five different objects are displayed in a tile before using default stack icon.
– Streamlined logic for action process to support repeated and predictive actions.
– Streamlined inventory management across all objects.
– Hunger and thirst represented by icons rather than numbers.
– Chopping Wood Block to Firewood also gives Tree Bark (used in tanning).
– Object volume affects efficiency of burning, such that firewood burns 160% more efficient than whole trees.

– Mouse and keyboard input bugs in pickup, quantity, and move object menus.
– Temperature gauge rendering proper values.
– Quantity menu showing -1 as default.
– Proper weight testing for picking up objects from Inventory panel.
– Containers not subtracting weight properly when objects removed.
– Crafting action not finding generic tools.
– Hunger/thirst values not accounting for volume.
– Can only eat/drink when actually hungry/thirsty.
– Generic tool modifiers not factoring correctly.
– 4:3 resolutions not rendering properly.
– Many more bug fixes…


  • – Updated to use libGDX graphics engine.
  • – Many small changes/improvements/bugs introduced.


  • – Added: maximum time to recipes for crafting.
  • – Added: stress factor determining stamina reduction during crafting.
  • – Added: Skill GUI panel to show skills levels for both industrial and combat skills.
  • – Added: Sleeping causes 1/4 reduction of Thirst/Hunger.
  • – Added: Sleeping action stops when person is well-rested.
  • – Updated: Recipes have proper maximum times and stress factors.
  • – Adjusted:  Food values.


  • – Fixed GUI bug when trying to start a new manor without creating a map.
  • – Fixed a Farming->Sheafing bug.
  • – Added randomly spawned creatures (some friendly, some not so much).

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