World Saga RPG

Over the past year, I have been working on creating my own role-playing game system: World Saga. Today, I am releasing the beta rules for this new d20-based system. I have created a new dedicated website where you can follow updates and new additions to the rule system:

Since the end of my video game programming days, I have been itching to work on a game system again, but I also couldn’t fathom spending more time at my PC. I had been playing a lot of different tabletop RPGs over the past few years, trying out and reading about different games. My game design brain began to buzz with excitement as I began to see a new game system unfold by combining the best components from my favorite game systems.

I also foresaw how elements from my failed video games could be refactored into a great tabletop experience. The DNA of Fief and Endless Worlds were a core component of World Saga. Much like these games, World Saga focuses on a factor of three: Body, Mind, and Soul. From these three components, we derive three Attributes for each component, three Resistances, three Tolerances. This design mantra combined with playtesting helped produce a system I am excited to share.

I was originally going to release the system under the classic Open Game License (OGL), but events earlier this year made that not an option. However, thanks to a collaboration of indpendent publishers, I’ll be happy to release this new rule system under the new Open RPG Creative (ORC) license.

Keep an eye on for the next few months for regular updates to the Beta rules.

World Saga will also be featured in the 2nd season of Tales of Enelis!

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