Floating Shelves

I decided to reorganize my basement. I had been recording episodes of the Tales of Enelis, my solo-roleplaying podcast. Things had been a bit too cluttered. So, I move all my live-show music setup and put that away in storage to make room for my podcast environment. My old computer desk, which was really an old dining table, was going to move as my tabletop for roleplaying. I would then need a new computer desk. Since one on my large amps was getting put away, I needed a shelf in the corner too for my lamp and to hold my beverage when I jammed on my piano.

Corner Shelf

The first project was a quick corner floating shelf for my lamp, above my piano. I created a simple frame and set it into the corner of the wall.

Next, I created the shelf. It was simply two corners of 1/4″ oak plywood with a red-oak insert for the edges (with some nice shaping).

A little bit of stain and some shellac, and the piece came out perfect, fitting into the frame.


Computer Desk & Floating Shelf

The second project would be a computer desk that was focused on music production. I knew I wanted a top shelf for my keyboard and MIDI controller. I also wanted a floating shelf for my speakers and monitor. The whole rig should be right against the wall to maximize my small space.

The floating shelf was easier, a square torsion box with some painted plywood over it. It was screwed to the wall studs.

There was a slight angle to the shelf, angling downwards, but it seemed okay.

Unfortunately, I didn’t capture any photos of the computer desk build. It was mostly an ad-hoc construction based on my measurements.

The end result was perfect. A computer workstation dedicated to podcast and music production.

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