Shop Rearrangement

I had gotten a new toy at the end of 2022, a medium-sized benchtop lathe. I didn’t get a lot of time to play with it before the cold winter enclosed the shop. However, with the new toy, I knew I’d have to rearrange the shop to better utilize the space.

I move my lumber rack to along the side of the garage door. This was basically useless space that I hoped to utilize for storage. I moves the miter saw under that.

I also moved the large storage cabinet to under the window, since that was where I did a lot of my planning. It’s nice to look out the window and enjoy the morning sunlight.

I also moved my fancy workbench up against the wall, since I never moved around it anyway. I also placed all my most-used tools above it, so I can more easily work at the workbench without moving around looking for tools. I also built a hanging shelf for my drill-press, which allows some storage underneath.

I moved the large upper cabinet to the back corner, out of the way. Since it mostly contained rarely used hardware and miscellaneous items. This allowed room for my giant 4×4 table-saw sled to hang on the wall. Now my lathe setup could dominate the back of the shop. I also sorted all my cutoffs and set many aside for the burn-pile.

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