þe Olde Bandsaw Box

I finally got a new tight-cutting bandsaw blade (1/4″ 14 TPI raker blade). The 1/8″ blade I had previously had trouble staying on the saw. After popping off a few times I gave up on it. Now that I have a new blade, I really wanted to try some sharper curves. I’ve always wanted to make a bandsaw box since I first got my bandsaw.

I glued together four boards: one dark walnut, two red oak, and one poplar. Then cut out the basic shape using a plywood template I drew out. I then cut off the back then cut out the inner drawer. I then cut off the drawer front and back before gutting out the draw middle. Then glued on the front and back to the drawer and then the back to the carcass. It’s a very easy project and a lot of fun. The worst part is the sanding, which requires quite a bit to get a nice smooth touch.



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