Over-fridge Kitchen Cabinet

Things in the shop were going pretty well, but I was beginning to consider a redesign to garner some more space.

However, I had another project to work on. My wife and I had started gathering various items on top of the refrigerator. The new waffle maker, some Kitchen Aid mixer addons, and other rarely used appliances. I can’t stand seeing that sort of clutter and decided it was time to build the cabinet I had envisioned over the fridge.

I placed out a large piece of plywood to cut out the dimensions on my track saw.

I tried to use the bare minimum pieces I would need for the large cabinet, and built a frame using pocket hole joinery.

I failed to capture the adding of the internal shelf, but it was quite an ordeal. I didn’t have a large enough piece for the shelf, so I had to improvise.

Next, I painted the cabinet and fit it into my kitchen.

You can see in the pictures, there is a little box that is connected to our old-timey doorbell. It still creates a strange buzzy noise when anyone dares to press the ancient device at the door. I had to build a cut-out for the box, so that the cabinet could fit over the doorbell. You can also see in these pictures the crazy contraption I had to build to get the small shelf to fit properly. I didn’t want to resort to cutting up a new sheet of plywood.

Thankfully, I had intentionally bought two extra handles that match our other kitchen cabinets, explicitly for a future cabinet over the fridge. This payed off, as the cabinet matches the rest of the kitchen perfectly.

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