Record-Console Refinishing

Some time ago, my wife had pulled an old record-console from the alley. It was completely wobbly and falling apart, and the finish was a bright obnoxious orange color. We tolerated it for quite some time as it some-what matched our bright-orange suite-case style record player. However, we have since acquired a new record-player and wanted to refinish the console to better match the player and the room.

So, I stripped down the pieces and sanded each one. I had to repair some of the parts as they had cracked and torn. I re-stained the pieces as well and after the stain dried, I covered them with amber shellac to give it a nice glow. The finish took better to the inner surfaces. The outer surfaces still clung to some of the old orange-ish color. I was trying not to over-sand the show-sides, and perhaps I didn’t sand enough. In the end, it still looks better, and the re-building of the console will ensure it stands straight and last another 50 years or so.

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