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Massive Cross-cut Sled

I’ve been working on my large bookshelf and I needed a method to get clean, 90-degree cuts on large, wide boards. I had first tried trimming off the ends with a hand-held router. But ran into some issues, one of which included cutting into the side of my thumb. In the end, I decided to build a large cross-cut sled to bring the boards across my tablesaw with plenty of support.

I used a wide 4×4 piece of 1/2″ plywood for the base and a sturdy hardwood fence that was carefully angled for perfect 90 degree cuts to the tablesaw-blade. Unseen in the photos, are the runners underneath that slide perfectly through the miter slots on the tablesaw top.


Shooting Board

I also through together a little shooting board for trimming end-grain with my hand-planes.

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