Moon Gate

For our new fence, my wife and I had been talking about making an arch over the gate. We then discovered the moon gate and thought it would look neat to make a full circle that is both the arc over top and a cut in arch in the gate itself, forming a complete circle.

Making the gate was quite straight forward. I mad a square base frame using pocket-hole joinery.

I then created a large compass on my workbench to create the desired arc and radius of the circle.

For the upper arch, I then took some leftover cedar planks from the fence and put them on the arc and drew a line.

I then took a number of these drawn arcs and cut them out on my new bandsaw. I then used bits of treated 2×4 to link the arcs together to form a sturdy arc structure.

I then put all the arcs together to form the upper half of the circle, and ensured it had the proper diameter.

I then used my new half-circle and laid it over planks on the gate frame to mark where I needed to cut the planks to ensure a perfect bottom circle.

I then used my jigsaw to cut out along the line to create the gate’s circle.

Putting the two pieces together, created a perfect circle and moon gate for the entrance to our yard.

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