Workshop Update & Spice Cabinet Start

The wonderful world of woodworking continues during #lockdown2020. I’ve been quite busy taking care of projects around the shop and generally getting ready for some new equipment. I’ve added two new tools to my shop, taking advantage of some of the Spring-time sales.

The first is a drum/belt sander and should help me smooth out various pieces. The second, and much more exciting tool, is a professional band-saw. I am really excited about the prospect of making precise curved cuts to both express new creative ideas and to recreate classic pieces.

Workshop Update

With these new toys coming, I though I’d show my current shop layout beforehand.

The 11′ x 22′ space is better organized than when I started.
The new drum/belt sander has been moved to the cart, and the drill press finds a new home on the BMW workbench.
This table saw and outfeed table are a perfect combo for long cuts. Additionally, the outfeed table doubles for assembly and general surface area.
This miter station makes precise cross-cuts a breeze. The above lumber storage rack is easily accessible by my homemade stool.
This workbench is the pride and joy of my workshop. It is perfectly calibrated for my height, which makes it the ideal companion for planing wood and general assembly. The two homemade, sturdy hickory-wood vises are easy to use as well.
This storage area has all the tools I need, just a quick reach away. Holding my radio, you can see my quick screw organizer drawers. These handy little drawers are great for carrying around to where the screws are needed.
Moving the drill press was always a pain, and the stand I made would often get caught on my uneven concrete floor. With the drill press on the sturdy workbench, it’s a lot easier to use, and it never has to move.

Spice Cabinet

I’ve been working on my last project for Steve Ramsey’s Weekend Woodworker course. It’s been quite awhile, but I didn’t really like the original design. I eventually settled on a modified version of the plans that is going to serve as a spice cabinet above our stove.

There is still a lot of work yet to do on this piece. However, I am waiting for a couple new tools to arrive to properly finish the doors. I am excited to see where this project goes.

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