Bat House

One day, I was chatting with my wife online. We were discussing about setting up a bat house for our back yard. Bats in the city are in need of habitat and they are known to eat vast quantities of mosquitoes. So, before my wife got home that same day, I researched a bit on making bat houses and had one built.

The design I used was based on one in the Bat House Builder’s Handbook by Bat Conservation International.

I went to the local lumberyard and grabbed myself a wide cedar board. Made a few quick cuts and began assembling it. Thankfully, I had a section of old wire mesh that was perfect for the inside chamber, which will give the bats something to hold onto.

I then added the top and bottoms, ensuring a gap for the bats to get in and out. The deeper top will keep rain from getting inside.

Then it was closed up and ready for painting and installation.

Soon the black bat house was hung on the back of my garage, ready for the critters to move on in.

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