Miter Saw Station

I realized I was using my miter saw quite a bit, but sometimes found it a pain to set up and ensure that I could set up the proper stop-blocks when necessary.

I did a search online for solutions and found a plethora of miter saw station plans. I really liked most of the designs I saw, but eventually had to settle on one. I decided to make a modified version of this one posted by Shanty 2 Chic:

It is composed of a 2×4 frame with a double 3/4″ plywood top. The fences are composed of random scraps of pine and the slide tops are melanine (left over from the router table build) to ensure an easy slide when working with long pieces.

My design for the bench is quite a bit shorter than the plans I found. Although, I never put storage drawers in the under-slots, I found these slots were perfect for temporarily storing pencils, rollers, and tape-measures. It became really nice to be able to slide this bench out and cut all my wood to size for a project. The wide fences make it easy to clamp on stop blocks and ensure that each cut piece is matched.

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