Router Table

For my second project, I really wanted to make a router table to use the router I had bought. I had dreams in my head of making all sorts of beautiful edging and moldings, and to do so, I’d need a good router table.

The table was based off a video I had found on You-Tube:

My version used melanine or the tabletop. I had botched various parts of the project and soon realized I didn’t quite have enough of the basic skills mastered to be doing what I did. However, I pushed through and managed to finish the project.

Unfortunately, the T-tracks aren’t perfectly parallel, so it can be somewhat hard to get the fence lined up properly. Additionally the acrylic insert panel isn’t perfectly flush with the melanine top, so I have to be careful when sending short pieces through. I had fun using my pocket-hole jig and learning about using pocket-hole joinery. I was forced to use my table-saw, which still scared me.

Overall, the router table is still quite useful. I still use it today (Jan 2020), but am already thinking about some redesigns.

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