Woodwork Beginning

For many years, I’ve always had an interest in making things with my hands. I just didn’t know where to get started. Thankfully, in the modern age, the internet can give a determined person access to a lot of information. I started looking into woodworking and how I could get started into the process with no experience.

First Project

Ever since my wife and I bought our first house in Aug 2017, I’ve though this was my chance to begin building things. The house included a detached single-car garage and seemed to be the perfect size for a small workshop. However, I still didn’t know where to begin, and power tools still scarred the hell out of me. I had a pretty strong attachment to my appendages.

In November 2018, I purchased my first circular saw and crudely put together a set of shelves for our basement storage. The process was stressful due to my general lack of understanding. After this project, I started reading books and watching numerous videos online about making furniture and woodworking.


After a conference in early May of 2019, I ordered a bunch of tools, feeling I was ready to start making things.

I cleaned out all the furniture and storage items in my garage and created a space to make things.

My wife had asked me to make a planter for her and so I set out to do so. The plant stand is made from a couple of dowel rods and a 2×1.

This “first” woodworking project seemed rather simple, but was actually quite hard to do without a drill press. But I managed to get it done and begun setting my eyes for more difficult projects.

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