Another Beginning…

The website is getting an overhaul as I begin to release the first of many fantasy novels set in my fictional world of Enelis.  Over the next few months, I’ll be adding ‘behind-the-scenes’ information and excerpts from the novel. Also, I plan to add short stories and other small background writings about the world of Enelis over time. For those of you interested in classic, Tolkien-esque fantasy, you’ll find yourself at home.

For those of you more interested in my game-development work, you’ll be happy to hear that I’ve been working on a redesign of Fief.  The new game, titled ‘Endless Worlds’ for the moment, takes a lot of the concepts I developed from Fief and tries to incorporate them into a more story-driven, yet sandbox gameplay.  You’ll create a detailed character like before, but now you also choose a story arc as part of your character’s background.  The story arc will determine how the game starts and what pseudo-random events will occur throughout your gameplay.  With this highly extensible format, the game engine will allow stories of adventurers, farmers, knights, and bandits.  This will allow players to experience both an exploratory, adventuring style as well as the Fief-like manor-building.  I hope to post more about the work in the future, so hang tight and keep an eye out for future posts.


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