New Release:

I figured it was about time to release some of the new goodies.  Of course, if you’ve been following along, most of my attention has been centered on behavior and getting some of the early workers up and running.  Since the part is incomplete it is not included here.

The main features of this version are the R-click functionality on tiles, which provide significant information about entities and objects.    There is also the new skill menu with the new fancy icons for each skill.  A number of new skills have been added in, but like many of the skills, they don’t serve a purpose yet.  There are also new icons based on the zodiac signs for the months now.  The big kicker here is also access to the Manor Management screen which will allow you to check out the map.  The area designation process is a work-in-progress, and will likely be changed to something different, but some of its pieces are still available in there.

Hope you enjoy:

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