New release: 0.4.313 (Combat, Take 1)

I went ahead and finished up most of the combat changes and those wonderful crafting changes. So I’m releasing the new version. I still have Armors and Conditions yet to take care of before Combat is complete, but at least most of the system is in place.

Also, hidden in the code is all the terrain generation I’ve been showing off lately, however, it’s not going to be implemented for awhile until other elements fall into place.

And the surprise bonus for this release is a fully-functional music and sound system for the game. It works great and has been fully tested, however, since I have so few bits of recorded sound and music, I have it turned off for the moment. Over the next few weeks (after I return from my conference), I’ll begin recording sound effects and music for the game and slowly add things when I need a break from programming. At the moment I only have a couple music pieces fit for the game, which in repetition will only drive you crazy (as they did for me during testing).

Grab the latest release here: 0.4.313 (Combat, Take 1).  Cheers!

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