300 and 30

The new version of Fief (0.4 alpha) is on the way.  I’m still working through a number of bugs and throwing in some new features along the way.  Sorry for the delay, but one more week should do the trick.  I don’t want to send my baby out in it’s broken state.

Fief has now hit 300 downloads!  I am excited that so many people have decided to give the older version a try and hope many more will try out the next release.  A hearty thanks to everyone that has taken the plunge.

In other news, Monday is my 30th birthday and I couldn’t be happier entering my third decade with so many good things in my life.  When I was younger I desired to have many accomplishments completed before I reached ‘old age’, which at the time meant turning 30.  Despite that it’s just around the corner and many of those items remain unfulfilled, I still feel rather young and energetic, able to accomplish anything.  Better still, I can look back at the few accomplishments I have already made and feel good about where I am.  Seeing what I have done only drives me forward to fulfill ever more achievements.  I feel secure in the middle of my life looking fondly back at the road well-traveled and forward to the road yet unknown.  In conclusion, it is good to be alive!

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