Just a bit more…

The next release for Fief is coming soon.  I promise!  I’ve rewritten a lot of the input methods for assigning actions to the character to streamline and generalize the process rather than the 20+ chunks of “just-make-it-work” code.  Of course, this created a lot of bugs, causing some actions to not work quite right.  I’m testing each action, one-by-one until it performs as expected.  There are two wonderful results forthcoming from rewriting this code, repeated actions and predictive actions.

Repeated actions allow you to repeat your last action command with just a press of a button.

Predictive actions will allow you to press the standard action button and have it predict your desired action based on the item in your character’s main hand and the chosen target square.  I don’t know if the predictive elements will make it in the next release, but at least the framework will exist.

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