LibGDX Unngh….

The long and laborious process of switching Fief to use libGDX is underway.  I keep telling myself that in the long run it will be worth it.  I find that the change in rendering isn’t the difficult part, but rather the change in file access between android and desktop versions.  I am currently streamlining things so that both versions will be smooth and unnoticed.  Most of my files need to be split into “assets” and “data”, with assets being untouchable files packed into the android apk.  This will be little of the files in Fief, since I want it to be easy to modify things as before.  But I will probably have to package all my data into the assets, have it dynamically copy to the external folder, and read from there.  This will also make it easy to reset your Fief ruleset if you end up making a fatal error modifying the native ruleset.

This process was significantly slowed by my short dance with death last week.  A fateful sandwich I procured from the Atlanta airport gave me food poisoning Sunday night.  It gave me ceaseless vomiting and a constant spinning sensation like I was strapped to a merry-go-round going at break-neck speed.  I ended up in the emergency room on Tuesday for extreme dehydration and nausea.  I’ve recovered my stomach now, but unfortunately the vertigo hasn’t gone away yet, but at least the magnitude of the spinning has been reduced to a small aftereffect following head movements.  I at least look hilarious trying to walk as if I am wearing drunk goggles.

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