Mediterranean Toast

This is a strange recipe I concocted while I was in graduate school. It’s basically a savory version of french toast, with a greek-middle-eastern twist.

Ingredients (per serving):

2x -  slices of bread
1x  - large egg
1 tbsp - milk (or corresponding nut-juice)
1 tbsp - olive oil 
2 tbsp  - hummus (flavored works well, red pepper, olive, etc.) 
2 tbsp - diced tomatoes
1/2 cup - shredded spinach (or other dark greens or lettuce)
2 tbsp - diced olives (any variety works)


Heat up some olive oil onto a non-stick frying pan on Medium heat.

Mix the milk and eggs into a mixing bowl, add salt and pepper and herbs. Whisk until thoroughly combined.

Dip the bread into the mixture (as you would for French toast). Let it soak real good. Then drain a moment and throw onto the hot, oiled pan. Flip the toast when each side begins to brown.

After the toast is ready, place one piece on a plate. Spread the hummus on it thickly.

Throw the second piece of toast on top. Top the stack with the diced tomatoes, shredded spinach, and diced olives.

Drizzle some olive oil and fresh parsley on top.

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