Summer Garden 2023

Summer is blooming and two weeks later, we see large green tomatoes with the promise of deliciousness on the horizon. The blueberries were ripe too, create a nice sweet treat. The gooseberries in the back are almost ready too. – READ MORE –

Early Summer Garden 2023

Summer has officially begun and the garden is looking okay. The frontyard plants are thriving and my regular watering combined with the soaker hoses, seem to keep up with the heat and dryness. Tomatoes are already green and on the way. The backyard continues to get shaded out by the… – READ MORE –

Baby Changing Station

My wife and I are expecting this fall and the list of woodworking projects are exploding. We have a relatively small house and needed to adapt what we have to accommodate the new baby. My wife wants to keep an existing desk in the bedroom for storage and use the… – READ MORE –

World Saga RPG

Over the past year, I have been working on creating my own role-playing game system: World Saga. Today, I am releasing the beta rules for this new d20-based system. I have created a new dedicated website where you can follow updates and new additions to the rule system: Since… – READ MORE –

Spring Garden 2023

The garden suffered during the drought last year. I lost all my currant bushes and many of my flowering perennials. This year I decided to accept the fact that my region is drier than it used to be, and I put in some soaker hoses to help with the watering.… – READ MORE –

Floating Shelves

I decided to reorganize my basement. I had been recording episodes of the Tales of Enelis, my solo-roleplaying podcast. Things had been a bit too cluttered. So, I move all my live-show music setup and put that away in storage to make room for my podcast environment. My old computer… – READ MORE –

Shop Rearrangement

I had gotten a new toy at the end of 2022, a medium-sized benchtop lathe. I didn’t get a lot of time to play with it before the cold winter enclosed the shop. However, with the new toy, I knew I’d have to rearrange the shop to better utilize the… – READ MORE –

Tales of Enelis: Season 1

Today, I officially release the first episode of the Tales of Enelis: a solo roleplaying podcast. I am excited to share this story with listeners as I haphazardly roll on tables and make things up as I push the adventure forward. This season focuses on Thorfinn Asbjornson, a Noradrie scout… – READ MORE –

þe Olde Bandsaw Box

I finally got a new tight-cutting bandsaw blade (1/4″ 14 TPI raker blade). The 1/8″ blade I had previously had trouble staying on the saw. After popping off a few times I gave up on it. Now that I have a new blade, I really wanted to try some sharper… – READ MORE –