ACT 5: The Race to Tazion

ACT 5: The Race to Tazion

Session 29: Demons in the Jungle [Sep 30th, 2021]

The heroes try to plead with the ruffians who approach them. They explain that Ricketts is the one they should be trying to get money from. Ricketts is trying to set up his wagon and preparing to leave. The eight ruffians demand gold from the heroes, but Dolgrin and Lox convince them that isn’t going to happen and they should bring Ricketts over. One of the toughs brings Ricketts, who is screaming at the foolish men. Ricketts convinces his men to take the gold by force and a quick battle erupts.

Dolgrin hacks one of the ruffians with his axe, then Flax cuts one of them in half. A few bombs, spells, and more attacks and the rest of the scatter into the nearby fields. Ricketts is trying to escape on his horse-drawn carriage, but Aspira strikes him with a bolt of lightning. A sizzling Ricketts is quickly begging for his life from the heroes. He offers them gold, but they refuse. They ask that he stop running bets along the trade road, he agrees and takes off.

The heroes travel for another day and a half. Lox begins to feel the moisture in his body getting closer to normal. At the end of a long day of travel, the heroes come across a small Zenja village on the jungle’s edge. The villagers come out and seem quite eager to trade. Dolgrin buys a small charm from a young lad. However, Gor and Lox realize that they are acting strange and seem afraid of something. Aspira learns that they must talk to the shaman of the village to understand what they are afraid of.

The heroes join them as Aspira and Dolgrin head into the shaman’s hut to speak with her. She says she is wary of foreigners, but begs them for help. She seems quite superstitious in her beliefs, but strongly believes the village is cursed. She says a demon called a chemosit hunts them night, for the past two weeks it has taken children and adults into the jungles and fed on them. She begs the heroes to help them. Dolgrin and Aspira talk with the others and agree to stay the night and help them fight this ‘demon’.

Gor helps Flax talk with the villagers, asking about his missing brother, Bracken. He learns that Bracken did come through this village and gave a young girl one of his whittled wooden Dwarf-charms. The heroes feast on flatbreads, fruits, and porridges. They then watch the villagers perform acrobatics, dances, and fire-breathing stunts. The night grows late and the villagers head off to bed. The shaman brings the heroes to a hut at the edge of the village in the jungle. She marks the door with goat’s blood to attract the beasts.

The heroes sleep lightly, taking shifts, and preparing for the chemosit attack. Near the end of the night, during Gor and Flax’s watch, they head a creature sneaking up to the entrance of the hut. The door then rips apart as a massive ape-like, bear-like beast roars at them. The others quickly move to fight and Flax hacks at it and charges to the side of the hut, where he finds another chemosit charging at him.

The back wall of the hut is ripper apart and a third chemosit strikes at Lox and Aspira. Aspira blasts it with holy fire and Lox quickly blinds it, then he and Aspira are able to escape the hut with Dodak. The beast then chases after them and nearly rips Aspira in half. Lox blasts it with elemental magic but it seems to resist.

Meanwhile, Flax goes one-on-one with one of the chemosit beasts hacking at it as it tries to disembowel him. Eventually, Flax is able to hack away its limbs and the beast falls dead. Flax tries to catch his breath and keep his intestines from falling out. Dolgrin keeps hacking at the chemosit at the hut’s entrance, as it grabs both Gor and the dwarf. Gor smashes a few bombs into the beast’s face. It then drops Gor and tears into Dolgrin, ripping into his gut as well. Dolgrin summons Rolk’s power and strikes at the beast, then Gor finishes it off with a bomb.

The third chemosit still holds Aspira, ready to feast…


Session 30: Tunneling Terrors [Oct 14th, 2021]

Flax tries to fling spells, while holding in his disemboweled gut. Dolgrin does the same as he rounds the hut towards the final chemosit monster. Aspira struggles to get free of its grasp, but its rips into her and drops her unconscious, bloodied form upon the ground. Gor blasts the beast with a bomb and rushes over to bring a healing elixir over to Aspira. Lox continues to command his shocker lizard to strike as he blasts it with spells. After taking some wounds, the chemosit tries to flee, but Flax charges at it and cuts it down with his sword.

With the creatures defeated, Gor is able to save Aspira from certain death, and Lox is able to patch up Flax, Aspira, and Dolgrins wounds. After a few healing spells, the heroes return to sleep for the remainder of the evening. They oversleep from exhaustion the next morning, but are greeted by curious villagers as they arise. The people thanks them for saving them from the monsters. The shaman of the village gifts them a powerful wand and a rare alchemical elixir.

The young child that had Bracken’s carvings confesses to stealing a scroll from the dwarf, and gives Flax the scroll with an apology. Flax and Gor examine it to find that it is a treasure map, seemingly pointing the way to the crash site of the lost treasure ship, the Crimson Runner that was rumored to have gone missing in these parts many years ago. It was famous for having a cargo of gold ingots at the time it disappeared. With some examination, Aspira is able to discern that the map points to a point where two rivers meet just past Kalabata.

The heroes continue on away from the shade of the jungle edge and deep into the hot, dusty savannah on the route to Kalabata. They spend two uneventful days travelling the dusty road, occasionally passing merchants and other travelers. Late on the second day, they find that the path ahead is hard to discern. A recent rain has greatly muddied the area, making the rain hard to follow. Aspira marks a course and leads them in the direction of Kalabata. They find themselves in a wide field filled with a sporadic mounds of dirt following curved, linear paths. After striding for some time, they find the ground is unstable, and nearly everyone falls into pits in the field, where the ground underneath caved in on them. Flax is the only one standing. It is then that numerous insects the size of horses burrow out of the earth, spitting acid at the heroes.

Aspira and Gor struggle to get out of the pit, while Dolgrin and Dodak manage to get out quickly. Flax charges one of the beasts and nearly cleaves it in two. Lox then uses his water magic to use the pressure of the water to shoot himself out of the pit. He then blasts some of the creatures with a powerful wave of elemental energy. It kills one of the beasts. Dolgrin fights head on against two of the beasts as Lox fights another. Gor finds himself beset by another beast after he finally manages to climb out. He blasts it with dreadful bomb of psychoactive substances, then he shoves a firebomb into its mouth.

Aspira finally crawls out of the muddy pit and blasts one of the beasts with a lightning bolt, felling it. Two of the beasts burrow into the ground and flee as Flax cuts down the final monster. The heroes celebrate their victory as they tend to their wounds.


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