World of Enelis

Welcome to the world of Enelis. A land of lost ancient empires, striving new countries, war-torn kingdoms, and expanding cultures.


Enelis is my homebrew medieval fantasy world in which my friends and I have played D&D and Pathfinder role-playing campaigns. Below you’ll find much of the lore and geography of this fantasy world. Additionally, you’ll find the game logs for other games we have played outside the World of Enelis.


Active Game Logs:

Campaign: Heroes of the North (Pathfinder 2ed)

Heroes of the North (PF2) Session Logs & Recordings

Character Vignettes

Lore: Town of Bolvirk

Lore: the Northern Coasts (Regions and Kingdoms)

Lore: the Noradrie Pantheon

Lore: the Dwarven (Khuzdi) Pantheon


Campaign: The Rise of the Shadow (The One Ring 2ed)

Middle-Earth Session Logs


Campaign: Heroes of the South (Pathfinder 2ed)

Heroes of the South (PF2) Session Logs


Campaign: Adventure Among the Stars (Starfinder)

Starfinder Session Logs


Campaign: Heroes of the Ironlands (DCC) [Jarnlond Setting]

Jarnlond Session Logs


Campaign: Darkness Over Poland (Twilight: 2000)

Twilight 2000 Session Logs


Campaign: The Dark Tapestry (Cyberpunk RED)

Cyberpunk RED Session Logs


Previous Game Logs:

Campaign: Heroes of Korenell

Heroes of Korenell (PF2) Session Logs

Heroes of Korenell (PF2) Session Recordings

Campaign: Heroes of Kulderon

Heroes of Kulderon (PF) Session Logs

Campaign: Heroes of the War of the Devils

Heroes of the War of the Devils (PF) Session Logs


Enelis Lore:

Enelis Timeline

Enelis Calendar

Gods of Enelis

Gods of Enelis (PF2 Game Stats)

Language of the Khuzdi (dwarves)

Languages of Enelis

Humans of Enelis


Regions and Cities

The Northern Coasts (Regions and Kingdoms)

The Southern Reaches (Regions and Kingdoms)

The Theocratic Kingdom of Korenell

Dwarven City-state of Brong



Map of Enelis (Ularin Continent)

Map of Northern Coast

Map of Enaarvis Region

Map of The Free Coast Region

Map of Kalrua & Loyolla Regions

Map of the Southern Peninsula Region

Map of Korenell Region

Map of the Inner Sea Region

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