In May of 2019, I started woodworking as a new passion. I spent much time reading used books and watching online videos, learning whatever I could about the craft. My long-term goal is to create beautiful, heirloom furniture and my own unique design.

Newest projects are on the top.


Vanity and Jewelry Drawers

My wife desperately needed some organization for her vanity in her room. She had been… – READ MORE –

Garage Octagon Window

My garage workshop has been fantastic. It’s great to have a separate building to go… – READ MORE –

Backyard Pergola

Five ago, my wife and I had talked about putting a pergola upon on our… – READ MORE –

Front-yard Patio

The eastern sunrise climbs over the houses across the street and beams upon our the… – READ MORE –

Record-Console Refinishing

Some time ago, my wife had pulled an old record-console from the alley. It was… – READ MORE –

Winter Projects 2022

Another cold winter in Minnesota and my workshop is unfortunately in an external garage with… – READ MORE –

Simple Storage

As the cold weather looms and access to my workshop becomes more limited, there were… – READ MORE –

Garden Projects

I took some time off from woodworking after building the large bookcase. I need to… – READ MORE –

Hardwood Bookshelf

I currently have a massive bookshelf in my room. It is from IKEA and it… – READ MORE –

Shop-made Jigs

Massive Cross-cut Sled I’ve been working on my large bookshelf and I needed a method… – READ MORE –

Arch Trellis

I’ve gotten numerous compliments on our moon-gate at the entrance to our front yard. I… – READ MORE –

Hooks for a Champion

With Spring around the corner, my wife was gearing up for upcoming races. Running has… – READ MORE –

Kitchen Additions

Utensil Holder This was a simple project to create a perfectly-sized utensil holder for our… – READ MORE –

Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

My wife and I love our house, but there are definitely some things we love… – READ MORE –

Desk Adjustment

I spend a lot of time at my computer, both for work and recreation. For… – READ MORE –

Spice Cabinet

This project has been a long time coming. I made the carcass for the cabinet… – READ MORE –

Closet Organizer and Sanding Station

Closet Organizer Like many people, the bottom of my closet had slowly became a catch-all… – READ MORE –

Desk Caddy & Garden Bench

Desk Caddy One small side project was a small desk caddy for my office. It… – READ MORE –

Router Table Deluxe

Like I had mentioned in a previous post, one of the new workshop upgrades was… – READ MORE –

Moon Gate

For our new fence, my wife and I had been talking about making an arch… – READ MORE –

Workshop Upgrades

My new bandsaw has arrived and I felt the need to add a few more… – READ MORE –

The Circuitous Fence

My woodworking was quickly veering into house construction chores as I saw ways to take… – READ MORE –

Workshop Update & Spice Cabinet Start

The wonderful world of woodworking continues during #lockdown2020. I’ve been quite busy taking care of… – READ MORE –

Lockdown Woodworking: Plant Stands

Over the quarantine, I’ve been working on a trio of plant stands. The legs were… – READ MORE –

The Handmade Workbench

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working on a new workbench. I needed something… – READ MORE –

Workshop Upgrades

I’m am currently in the throes of building a new workbench (hints of it seen… – READ MORE –

Hand Planes

So far, I’ve been sticking with machine-based woodworking and only occasionally reaching for my cheap… – READ MORE –

Workshop Layout

My workshop was now insulated and with my new infared heater, I was ready to… – READ MORE –

Workshop Insulation

I knew winter was going to make wood-working difficult for me. I wasn’t willing to… – READ MORE –

A Place to Sit and Plan

I decided I was moving my woodworking into the garage and desired to make that… – READ MORE –

Table Saw Cart

I began to notice that my tablesaw was leaving large piles of saw dust beneath… – READ MORE –

The Shed

With fall and winter approaching, I knew I would need more space in the garage.… – READ MORE –

Course Projects

The next several projects moved very quickly. I worked to finish each of the projects… – READ MORE –


For my next project, I needed to make some functional furniture. My current nightstand was… – READ MORE –

Bat House

One day, I was chatting with my wife online. We were discussing about setting up… – READ MORE –

Patio Table

My next project was straight from Steve Ramsey’s course, a small patio table. Some friends… – READ MORE –

Miter Saw Station

I realized I was using my miter saw quite a bit, but sometimes found it… – READ MORE –

First Workbench

I was now ready to start building projects for Steve Ramsey’s course. He calls it… – READ MORE –

Garden Trellis

By June of 2019, I was trying to improve my basic woodworking skills. I signed… – READ MORE –

Router Table

For my second project, I really wanted to make a router table to use the… – READ MORE –

Woodwork Beginning

For many years, I’ve always had an interest in making things with my hands. I… – READ MORE –

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