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One of my favorite creations was a fantasy world that has been used to host numerous role-playing adventures with friends and family. The ongoing history of that world was shaped by stories that I had written, but never fully shared, even with those that knew the world well.

Now I hope to bring the world of Enelis to life by finally taking the numerous scraps and notes and writing them into a series of fantasy novels. I have chosen to release my books here because I want anyone to be able to enjoy these novels. Those that find these stories particularly engaging can feel free to contribute.

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Chains of Vengeance

In the deep and hidden reaches of the Aegis forest, the underground-dwelling dark elves have come to the surface to raid upon the unsuspecting elven villages with fire and bloodshed.  Thesomber Ambreaia, an elven mage and scholar, faces this new peril after the destruction of his home village.  United with unlikely friends, the elven wizard gathers allies in the region to fight against this force of darkness.  However, Thes is slowly consumed by his prejudice as the moment for revenge gets ever closer.  He must face the enemy head-on to claim his vengeance, but what will be the price of that retribution?

0. Prologue
1. The Lord of Darkness
2. Unlikely Friends


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