Occasionally I get the vibe to record a song in my music studio.  It is a great way to explore new nuances in style while also polishing my mixing skills.  I typically play jazz/blues style piano, however, I keep quite a collection of instruments to help me achieve the sound I desire in any given song.

Most of my newer music is on my bandcamp site:  ArboreanTears

I’m currently working on a semi-biographical album that is a collection of songs with an inter-weaved story.  It is titled: “Toil, Reflection, Love, Resistance”. Each of the four-parts addresses a coming-of-age theme.

In addition, I’m working on a Funk/Soul album tentatively titled “Let’s Just Be Kind”.  Some of those songs you can find on bandcamp.

You can find some of my old music and recordings here: SONGS
Listener beware.

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