Occasionally I get the vibe to record a song in my music studio.  It is a great way to explore new nuances in style while also polishing my mixing skills.  I typically play jazz/blues style piano, however, I keep a small collection of instruments to help me achieve the sound I desire in any given song.

You can also find most of my recordings below. Some of my newer music is also on my bandcamp site:  ArboreanTears


I’m currently working on three albums consecutively.

“Toil, Love, and Reflection”

A semi-biographical album that is a collection of songs connected with a voice-acted story.  Each collection of songs addresses a coming-of-age theme with small vignettes between the music to weave a cohesive story together.
EXAMPLES: Sleepless Again, I Knew You

“Let’s Just Be Kind”

A Funk/Soul album focusing on a lot of major society topics steeped within a great goovin’ sound.
EXAMPLES: Everyday Woman, Let’s Just Be Kind

“Tribal Nation”

A collection of songs dealing with politics, hardship, and the general state of modern affairs.
EXAMPLES: Tribal Nation, Truth is Real



Here are many of the songs I have recorded. All of these are original songs. All parts are performed by me.  My main instrument is piano and many parts are modeled so I can still play them on the more familiar keys. However, some guitar, bass, and alto saxophone parts are on their respective instruments. The tracks below are NOT mastered, but most of them are in their final mix.

You’re Ever My Desire [2019]

Sunrise over the Mountain [2018]

Happy to Be Me [2018]

Everyday Woman [2018]

Let’s Just Be Kind [2018]

Will You See Me to the End? [2017]

Sleepless Again [2017]

Truth Is Real [2017]

I Knew You [2017]

Tribal Nation [2017]

Everyday a Dreamer Dies [2017]

I’ll Survive [2017]

You’re in My Mind [2016]

Blue Day [Medley] [2016]

Land of Winter [2016]

Slow Down Time [2014]

Runnin’ on Time [2014]

Hesitant Assertation [Instrumental] [2013]

Rising Sun [2013]

1 + 1 = 1<>1 [2013]

You’re My Dream [Wedding Eve] [2013]

One More Day [2012]

There’s Gotta Be [2008]

Free Your Mind [2008]

Way to Be [2008]

Crow [2008]

Waiting on a Dream [2008]

Mother Nature’s Children [2008]

Dreams for Stephanie (instrumental) [2008]

Jeleousy [2007]

Mystic Waltz (instrumental) [2006]

Blue Day [2006]

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