Mid-Summer Garden 2020

Summer is in full swing and the garden is filled with birds, bees, other bugs, and scurrying squirrels. – READ MORE –

Summer Begins! (2020)

The solstice has come and summer begins in the garden. I love watching the transition from the early Spring plants and flowers, with their vibrant greens and fresh new growth,… – READ MORE –

Springtime Garden (2020)

Spring time brought all the perennials into full bloom. This is the 3rd spring in the garden and it is finally starting to feel more mature. – READ MORE –

May Garden Update

The garden is in the midst of the Spring time bloom. The acidic garden has all of its plants in place. We added a back row of acid-loving azaleas and… – READ MORE –

Spring Peek

It’s late April and all the perennial plants have begun to peak out into the warm glow of the sun. – READ MORE –

Acid Garden

The 2020 garden season has begun. We are all under the stay-at-home guidelines for COVID-19, but that hasn’t stopped me from preparing our front yard for the new garden beds.… – READ MORE –

Garden (2019): Expansion

It was March and we still had snow on the ground. I was very eager to start the new gardening season. I had lots of plans and more designs I… – READ MORE –

Garden (2018): Building Paradise

This was it. This was the real deal. We had bought our first house and the large back and front yards were blank slates ready for my design visions. Design… – READ MORE –

Garden (2017)

In the summer of 2017, we had bought a new house. It was across the street from the duplex we were living in. I had painstakingly moved all my raised-bed… – READ MORE –

Garden (2016)

The garden at the duplex continued to thrive, and I tried to pack more plants into it each year. Unfortunately, I don’t have too many pictures for 2016. Here are… – READ MORE –

Garden (2015)

By the Spring of 2015, we were greatly expanding the garden at the duplex. May I added new beds to the front of the house and added some nice edging… – READ MORE –


It’s been a long time since I posted anything, sorry for the silence.  Spring has arrived here in the cold north, which means gardening season.  I’m an avid gardener and… – READ MORE –

Garden (2014)

By the Spring of 2014, we were settled into a new home. It was another duplex rental, but we had a nice yard area to work with and a landlord… – READ MORE –

Garden (2013)

This was the first year where we had moved to Minnesota. We were living in a duplex that had little to no yard space. My solution was to install a… – READ MORE –

Garden (2012)

This was the last year in our wonderful Kentucky yard. We had what seemed like endless herbs and lettuces. – READ MORE –

Garden (2011)

In 2011, I was living in Louisville, KY, USA. We were fortunate to have a nice large yard with the house we were renting. I had been reading numerous books… – READ MORE –

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