Frequently Asked Questions:


 What is Fief?

Fief is a game that blends Rogue-like RPG and Survival aspects with town/kingdom management.  You will have the ability to grow a village or castle from scratch while trying to survive the harsh realities of medieval life.


When is Fief to be officially released?

I expect an official v1.0 release of Fief in the next year.  This of course is an estimate and subject to the laws of entropy.  I currently work anywhere from 10-20 hrs a week on the project as its sole contributor.


I would like to put up a Youtube Video of Fief. Is this allowed?

Yes, as long as the video/description does not link to unauthorized downloads of the game.  You may post videos of Fief with ads as you see fit.


How much will Fief cost?

The alpha version of Fief is currently free to download.  Future versions of the Desktop version of the game will likely cost anywhere from $9.99 to $14.99, depending on the cost of the distribution platform.  The cost of the Android version of the game has yet to be decided.


On what platform(s) will Fief be available?

Fief is currently available for the Desktop (Windows, Mac, and Linux).  Android is a targeted future platform.


What programming language is Fief created in?

Fief is programmed in Java 6 using the libGDX graphics framework for Desktop and Android compatibility.


What is the game’s system requirements?

CPU: 1.5 gHz or faster processor (additional cores do help since Fief is multithreaded)
RAM: 512 mB (up to 1 gB+ for a Huge Manor size)
GPU: An OpenGL 3.1  or OpenGL ES 2.0 (Android v2.2+)  or greater compatible video card.
(Such as Integrated Intel® HD Graphics 3000 [tested] or better)
HDD:  Up to 20 mB for game files, and anywhere from 2 mB [Test patch] to 1.2 gB [Huge Manor] for each saved game.


How long has Fief been in development?

The planning and brainstorming of the game began in 2007-2008.  I started thinking about all the elements of my favorite games  and how they could be part of a single experience.  I decided to try my best at making a game out of it, and thus Fief was born.  I was a graduate student working toward my doctorate and found little time to devote to the game at first.  However, over the years, Fief began to eat more and more of my time.  Official programming and development started in September, 2009.


What games inspired the creation of Fief?

Dwarf Fortress      (Autonomous workers, workshops, and more!)
Oblivion/Skyrim   (Exploration)
Mount and Blade   (Combat)
Stronghold 2        (Castle building, labor management)
The Guild 2           (Dynasties and family focus)
Crusader Kings     (Politics and lines of succession)
ANNO 1404          (Medieval cities)
UnReal World       (Survival and hunting)
Stranded II            (Object combinations and crafting system)
Wurm Online/Minecraft    (Terraforming, resource gathering)


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