Check out the Arborean Tears Live! at dB Studios:…

Recorded a few pop songs at the end of last year: Moon Child, Born to Fly, and One More Night

'Chains of Vengeance' is now available on Google Play:…

Added a new funk-inspired song: "You're Ever My Desire"

Wow... just updated to GIMP 2.10. So easy on the eyes.

Experimenting with some eye animations for portraits.

The studio is back! We're working on a new game. Will post updates soon.

It's a sad day with new beginnings: New Post: The End of Fief…

Bogged down with non-Fief work, so not much progress. Might be some code at the end of the tunnel...

More updating of the engine this week to deal with all activity in active world locations.

The day-job has been eating into my Fief-time lately. However, the shift to world-map exploration continues.

Some work on combat UI's this week. Have a research conference in Copenhagen this week too; 9-hour flights tend to aid development.

Still working on world map exploration and fleshing out new combat UI's.

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