Recorded a new jazz song. Black Coffee Check out my music:

Recorded a new song, good timing for the Olympics. Dream Machine Check out my music:

Recorded a funky song for the summer: Sweet Street Check out my music:

Two new pop-rock songs recorded: Better Me and Winter's Glow Check out my music:

Misinformation: Recorded a new song over the weekend, about the system of lies and misinformation that led to the attack on the Capitol last week. A bit of funk and soul.… Check out my music page:

Check out the Arborean Tears Live! at dB Studios:…

Recorded a few pop songs at the end of last year: Moon Child, Born to Fly, and One More Night

'Chains of Vengeance' is now available on Google Play:…

'Chains of Vengeance' is now available on Kobo and Amazon:…

Added a new funk-inspired song: "You're Ever My Desire"

Wow... just updated to GIMP 2.10. So easy on the eyes.

Experimenting with some eye animations for portraits.

The studio is back! We're working on a new game. Will post updates soon.

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