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Members of the Studio

Gene Brandewie, PhD [thes33]
Creative Director, Programmer

Dr. E.J. BrandewieHe began his life as a programmer when he was in grade school: making his first games in QBASIC on a old IBM 386.  He has been programming since then, from small game ideas to modelling acoustical processes.  Java remains his favorite language and he has used the API for more than a decade.

He started working on Fief in late 2007 and since then it has consumed large portions of his free time.  Thankfully, he managed to complete his PhD during that time and continues to work as a research scientist in the field of psychoacoustics.

Favorite Games:  Civilizations 4, Dwarf Fortress, Skyrim, Mount and Blade, Minecraft.



Greg Ellis [iceman15]
Music Composition

Greg’s interest in writing music began in high school. His first piece of orchestral music was premiered by the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra in his senior year and he continued to pursue composition in college, eventually earning his masters degree. He has written music for many combinations of instruments: jazz band, trombone solo with piano, saxophone quartet, and an eclectic ensemble comprised of two marimba, one xylophone, piano, and electric guitar.

Although he no longer studies composition (he’s pursuing a PhD in hearing research), he is staying active as a musician. He’s very excited to be working on the music for Fief.

Musical Influences: Igor Stravinsky, Charles Ives, Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, Herbie Hancock

Favorite Games (for playing and music): Skyrim, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Tales of Symphonia, Bastion, Xenoblade Chronicles

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