Table Saw Cart

I began to notice that my tablesaw was leaving large piles of saw dust beneath it, even when the dust collection tubes were firmly attached. I also hated trying to haul the thing around on its metal stand.

I decided to build a mobile table saw cart to deal with both of these problems. I didn’t have any plans for the project. It was the first project where I just started throwing things together and working things out as I went. It’s not the best way to build things, but it was nice to be able to explore and see what I had learned over the past few months.

The initial carcass came together quickly with 2x4s. I then began to imagine a slick chute for the sawdust to fall down into with a drawer to collect it. So I put together a chute system, using hardboard as a perfect surface to guide the sawdust down into the drawer.

The only down side to this construction, was that the chute supports would sometimes collect sawdust piles on them, but I was okay with that.

The finished piece works great. Especially with my old miter saw station as an out-feed table.

The drawer does its job, and I can empty it out whenever I choose, without worrying about a pile of sawdust growing on the floor.

I have found that the only down-side to this cart is the casters I chose. They don’t lock quite as well as I like and my uneven floor can sometimes make the cart rock during cuts. Not only does that lead to bad cuts, it also could be quite dangerous. I expect to switch the casters out for some fold-down legs, especially since the cart has become somewhat less mobile as I move my cutting operations into the garage.

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