Course Projects

The next several projects moved very quickly. I worked to finish each of the projects listed in Steve Ramsey’s online course.

The Garden Bench

The garden bench project seemed easy after all the other things I had built. It came together quickly and I decided to paint it white to match the trellises I had done.

The Paper Tray

I did not enjoy making these paper trays. But it was a quick and interesting project. It really helped me to get more comfortable with different cuts on the table saw. At least I thought they would make gifts, so I made two of them.

The Coffee Table

The coffee table was a fun project and I feel like I learned a lot about hot to ensure larger pieces of furniture will hold together. I don’t care for the color of the stain, something about the combination of the dark walnut stain and the pine wood.

The Bookcase

This project was a lot of fun to build. I even made my own special jig to ensure all the shelf holes were lined up properly. Again, the stain didn’t turn out great. I even added a pre-layer of Danish oil, hoping that would help with blotching, it didn’t.

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